K8N neo platinum (MS-7030) NVRAID Problems XP PRO

Discussion in 'MSI' started by TonyK, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. TonyK

    TonyK Guest

    I've spent over a full day trying this - and I am not new to RAID.
    I have allocated 2 x 120GB drives (SATA) to a mirror system which is not
    bootable. (My bootable system is on another SATA disk.
    The problem is right at the start, as I cannot get to the first screen/s in
    BIOS where the options would be made available to me.
    In BIOS I have enabled Raid Configuration (IDE RAID) and anabled SATA 3 & 4,
    to which I have connected my 2 HDs.
    As per the book I have activated F10 and the correct 2 HD are shown.
    On coming out of setup I get a flashing sign (F10) which indicates the RAID
    is "Degraded". Pressing F10 shows the "Array List" screen. In the STATUS
    colum both disks are shown as Degraded. None of the earlier screens are
    being made available to me. I have activated the Rebuild and Clear Disk
    options without success.
    The Raidman.exe program shows that both mirrors are Degraded, and the disks
    are Healthy.
    Clicking the question mark against the mirrors in both cases shows "There
    are no free disks large enough to be rebuilt into this"
    I have also gone thru the Administrative tools/computer management/disk
    manager routines.
    From the many times I have gone round the options it seems that a mirror
    might have been used before and that is the reason I am not getting the
    "start" screens in the BIOS.
    Trouble is that no options are being presented to me and I am stuck.
    Help is desperately needed, else I will have to revert and lose all the
    preparation that went into getting my system ready for mirroring.
    Alternatively, if no one can give specific help, can anyone point me towards
    any information source.
    TonyK, Feb 22, 2006
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  2. TonyK

    TonyK Guest

    Everything resolved. All down to the complete lack of information which
    would help anyone trying to set up.
    TonyK, Feb 23, 2006
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