K8N Neo-V will not boot with any Promise PATA PCI controller????

Discussion in 'MSI' started by nobody, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. nobody

    nobody Guest

    I have a new build on a new MSI K8N Neo-V Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce3
    250. I have flashed it to the latest BIOS. Semperon 64 3700, Kingtson
    DDR400 512MB

    It runs fine until I put in a Promise TX2 Ultra 133 controller . This
    PCI Promise TX2, with it's drives, was working fine in the previous
    board, I pulled it out, put it in the MSI and hooked up two PATA
    drives. The PC POSTs, all be it slowly, but then it won't boot, even
    to a floppy.

    I see all the drives comming up in POST, everything appears to be
    normal, I have no errors, it just ends up at a flashing cursor. Or in
    the case of a floppy I see....

    "verifying DMI Pool Data"

    ...... and then it hangs.

    If I remove the drives from the Promise, but leave the Promise in the
    board, then it boots. It doesn't matter what hard drive is plugged
    into the Promise, if there is a drive in either channel, it won't

    I have moved the controller to other PCI slots, I have tried another
    Promise contoller = TX2 Ultra 100, ...but the same identical problem.
    Both Promise controllers are flashed to the latest BIOS. Both
    controllers, and all hard drives are seasoned, and work fine on other

    If I remove all the drives, then the Promise searches for drives and
    when it can't find any the Promise does not load it's BIOS. Then the
    computer will boot. But, if the Promise finds drives, and then loads
    it's BIOS into memory, the computer won't boot. This happens with both
    Promise PATA contollers.

    I am using all PATA and have SATA and RAID disabled. I have set up
    boot order correctly. I have disabled all overclocking stuff and any
    automatic FSB or PCI speed adjustments.

    Nothing helps. It just won't boot with ANY Promise PATA contoller
    installed. Everything appears to be OK.

    What am I missing?
    nobody, Dec 25, 2005
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  2. nobody

    Jimmy Guest

    Did you change the bios hard disk priority to show bootable add-in card to
    be first? Did you install the latest Promise drivers? Are you certain the
    cable is good?
    Jimmy, Dec 25, 2005
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  3. nobody

    nobody Guest

    I am not trying to boot off the add in controller. I am booting off
    the onboard IDE Primary. And yes, I have set it up to do that.

    Did you install the latest Promise drivers?

    Yes the drivers for the add in are available in the OS, because I can
    boot into the OS with the card installed, as long as I don't have any
    drives attached to the add in controller. But even attempting to boot
    off a floppy results in a hang.... see below. That tells me this isn't
    a driver issue.

    Are you certain the
    Yes, the cables are good. The add in controller, the drives, the
    cables all work well on the original board. This is a upgrade.

    Thanks for the comments.

    nobody, Dec 25, 2005
  4. nobody


    Jul 4, 2006
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    Any update?

    Did you ever get a resolution on this? I am currently having the exact same problem with a Tyan Tomcat K8E motherboard. It simply hangs if any drives are connected to either the Ultra100TX2 or the Ultra133TX2 cards that I've tested.

    Most strange.

    volve, Jul 4, 2006
  5. nobody


    Aug 16, 2006
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    Same problem here

    I have an MSI K8N Neo2 and I have the same problem. BIOS 1.8 works, anything since does not. I've contacted MSI about this but have not heard back. The BIOS for the Promise card, a TX 150, is the latest, albeit quite old.

    Don't ask if I have the latest drivers, as drivers do not pertain to a box not being able to bootstrap an OS. As the other poster stated, you can't even boot a floppy with the Promise controller in the machine.

    At this time I'd like to fix some issues that newer BIOSes address plus get a dual core CPU, but only BIOS greater than 1.8 support this. It really sucks that there seems to be no solution for this problem.

    Perhaps my post might liven this thread and attract the attention of someone with a solution.

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2006
    DanielCeregatti, Aug 16, 2006
  6. nobody


    Oct 4, 2006
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    I also have an MSI K8N Neo2 with BIOS v1.C and I am haveing the same type of problems. My card is a Promise ULTRA133 TX2.
    Eldest_One, Oct 4, 2006
  7. nobody

    lindsay maynard

    Oct 9, 2006
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    IDE ADD-IN controller problem too

    I have a machine that has a built in SATA interface (6 drives) with an additional built in single IDE channel.

    I recently purchased a generic IDE ADD IN PCI controller because I wanted additional IDE devices.

    I have the same problem as everybody else. I am running XP. The IDE ADD IN is a SCSI interface which appears to be fine until I actually attach a drive to it. The setup job sees the drive no problem but the machine will not boot. I am not even talking about booting from this drive ... its just a data drive.
    lindsay maynard, Oct 9, 2006
  8. nobody


    Dec 5, 2006
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    I have this same exact issue with an AOPEN nck804 mobo, has nforce 4 *vomit* i think this ultra 133 tx2 issue is caused by the bios of certain motherboards. I will keep playing with it, if i figure anything out ill post back.
    BLooDBaTH, Dec 5, 2006
  9. nobody


    Dec 5, 2006
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    Har Har, a fix I have. What you gotta do is, put your cd roms on the card, and your hard drives on the board, this was you bypass the bios of the card from loading and haulting the boot.
    BLooDBaTH, Dec 5, 2006
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