K8N new build problem - advice needed.

Discussion in 'MSI' started by sclg, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. sclg

    sclg Guest

    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum + Athlon 64 3500 Venice. 2 x 512 Mb Crucial
    DDR400 memory(*). Akasa Cooler. New 500W PSU and new SATA Hitachi
    disk. Using my existing CD/DVD drives & Matrox G550.
    Put it all together and it started up OK. Default BIOS settings apart
    from setting the boot HD and disabling IDE. Installed XPPro + SP2.
    Hung once during the install but completed OK on rebooting.
    Installed the drivers off the mobo CD.
    It stops about 3 - 10 mins after any reboot. No blue screen - just
    freezes. CPU temp seems OK if I look when booting - c40.
    Although I have built many PCs in the past, this is my first AMD one!
    I really have no idea what to try next. Any suggestions would be
    gratefully received!


    * Crucial memory (matched pair) was as recommended for that mobo on
    the Crucial site although it did say 2.6v on the site and the mobo
    seems to imply 2.5v. They are in DIMM 1 and 3 (the green ones).
    sclg, Jul 10, 2005
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  2. sclg

    Jim Guest

    Although this is probably unrelated to your problem, for dual channel
    operation, your memories should be in slots 1 and 2 (green and purple).

    Jim, Jul 10, 2005
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  3. sclg

    Joskin Guest

    I had all sorts of problems with a similar set up.
    Eventually isolated to one of the memory sticks.
    Once that was replaced, it's been stable ever since.
    I agree that it should be one green, one purple for dual channel.
    Good luck,
    Joskin, Jul 11, 2005
  4. sclg

    sclg Guest

    Thanks Jim. Someone had already suggested that and it did indeed fix
    my problem!
    sclg, Jul 11, 2005
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