K8S-LA (Salmon) Video card compatibility, Radeon X1950 pro, GeForce 7600GTGT

Discussion in 'Asus' started by mkdud, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. mkdud

    mkdud Guest


    I have a K8S-LA mainboard in a compaq presario SR1365CL with a AMD
    Athlon 64 3700+ (socket 754) and 2GB PC3200 ram. I was wondering if
    anybody was able to use the Radeon X1950 pro or GeForce 7600 on this
    board, as I am thinking of getting either provided they will work with
    my machine.. Also, this machine has a Bestec ATX-250-12Z power supply,
    with only one +12 rated at 14 amps. Does anybody have any experience
    installing either of these cards on this board? I'm guessing this poer
    supply is weak for these cards?

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank You,
    Michael Kelley
    mkdud, Mar 28, 2007
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  2. mkdud

    Paul Guest

    The processor is rated at 89W and draws from +12V. 89/12*(1/0.90)=8.24A
    at an assumed Vcore conversion efficiency of 90%.

    A hard drive draws 12V @ 0.6A at idle. (And 5V @ 1A, but who is counting.)

    A CDROM or DVD might draw 12V @ 1.5A with media present. (It may have a
    label which states otherwise, like perhaps even more current.) On my
    current CDROM, I've measured the 12V consumption at 1.0A, when the
    media is spinning flat out.

    The system fans may be drawing 0.5A from the 12V rail.

    So far, that is a base load of 10.8A from 12V.

    An X1950Pro is 65.7W. The entry here is probably for the PCI Express
    version, and the AGP version needs a few watts more for the Rialto
    bridge chip. Say 70W. 70W/12V = 5.83A


    So now we're up around 16.6A. The Bestec just fainted. And I also
    haven't worked out the total power. 12V*16.6A = 199W. Add to that
    another 50W to cover miscellaneous motherboard power, runs the PSU
    at 250W right there.

    There are several models of 7600, some drawing less current than
    the ATI card. Who knows, with careful selection of a low enough
    power card, you might just come right up to the 14A total mark.

    So I'd say, yes, you are right to be concerned about the
    power supply. Is there room to put a standard ATX supply in
    there ? If it is a microATX supply, it is hard to make a lot
    of progress in the power department. The last time I looked
    at microATX supplies on Newegg, they uniformly looked to be
    dodgy. You really want to see a good number of reviews for
    the product, to get some idea how many months they last.


    There are seven reviews on this one, and one report of a failure.
    And seven reviews is too small a sample size. And the list of
    hardware the guy was using, shouldn't have stressed it.

    Athena Power AP-MP4ATX40 MicroATX Ver 2.2 400W 115/230V

    You can see here, that the 3.3V is pretty weak, at 12A. And I have
    no way of estimating what the 3.3V load might be.


    The K8S-LA only has switching conversion for Vcore, and I don't see a
    separate single phase switcher for the DDR memory. That means the
    memory could be running from a linear regulator from 3.3V. The chipset
    might also be running via linear regulation from the 3.3V rail. I suppose
    you can guess at the 3.3V, by seeing what the label on the Bestec is
    rated for. Then checking to see if the new supply can supply at least
    that much.


    One of the reviewers for that Athena Power supply, mentions this one.
    It is a lot more expensive. But at least it has a combined rating
    of 210W for 3.3V and 5V. You can search around and see if you can get
    a better price somewhere. Chances are the fans are loud on a thing
    like this (because it will be similar in design to the lower power
    one on Newegg).

    AGPB/Athena AP-MP4ATX45 450W P4V12 Micro ATX $75 5"(W) x 2.5"(H) x 5.5"(D)

    The specs for the MP4ATX45 are here. This is enough for a regular desktop.
    3.3V @ 22A, 5V @ 28A, 12V @ 26A, +5VSB @ 2A, -5V @ 0.5A, -12V @ 1.0A

    So with the MicroATX supplies, it is hard to tell which ones are
    going to be winners. More of a crapshoot than with normal ATX supplies.
    At least the specs for that one are impressive, but considering the
    total power rating, the fans would probably have to be pretty loud
    to keep it cool. Also, verify the dimensions and screw holes, to
    make sure it is going to fit.

    Hmmm. Here is another picture of a different retailer's version of
    the same part number. Notice that this one has less 12V and more
    3.3V and 5V. So I guess that part number is a "moving target".
    Wouldn't hurt to verify with the seller, what ratings are on the
    label. This is not nearly as nice for what you want. Maybe this is
    the latest version, and the one on the AICmicro site is an older
    version. I think this would still work, but with little margin
    on +12V.


    Good luck,
    Paul, Mar 28, 2007
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  3. I unfortunately have had some experience with this board as I had
    purchased 2 units containing them a few years back. The Geforce 7600 by
    PNY did not work properly on this board even with power supply upgrade
    and latest bios. The problem with the PNY Geforce 7600 appears to be
    coming possibly from a bug in bios firmware with periodic stuck on bios
    screen problem. Since this is an ASUS OEM board with support only from
    HP/Compaq this is a dead issue. We have had success with ATI 9250 256MB
    with no problems without upgrading Bestec power supply. I am currently
    running a ATI 7600 on the unit with the upgraded power supply with no
    problems. Best of Luck.

    Joseph Wardzinski, Apr 1, 2007
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