K8VM800M-R2 FD

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Chris Taylor, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor Guest

    I have just built a new old computer I have a K8VM800M with 1Gb Ram and a
    500Gb Sata HDD not using onboard Video with a AMD Athlon 64 3400+ CPU.
    I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 64Bit as my OS. I have found that Ubuntu is
    freezing all the time I have been working on this as a Ubuntu problem but
    today I started the system and was in the BOIS looking around for maybe a
    fix to problem. I got called away when I returned my system had frozen
    still in the BIOS so I got to thinking maybe not so much a Ubuntu
    problem, Why would it freeze in the BIOS.

    Why would it freeze in the BIOS?
    What should be the CPU temp?
    are there any settings that maybe I should look at ?
    Thanks for your help
    Chris Taylor, Mar 25, 2010
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  2. Chris Taylor

    Paul Guest

    Have you tried running memtest86+ from memtest.org ?

    Have you tried disabling Cool N' Quiet ? That is the feature
    that changes the clock speed when the system is idle or busy.
    Try running it for a while at fixed speed with CNQ off.

    If you suspect a temperature problem, disable any automated
    fan speed control feature you might have, such that the CPU
    fan runs full speed.

    I wouldn't be concerned about a CPU running at up to 65C.
    A CPU can take more heat than that, and that number is good
    for just about anything. And if your CPU gets too hot, the
    computer will shut off via the THERMTRIP signal from the CPU.
    So it is a self-limiting situation. But for stability, I'd
    probably want enough fan speed to achieve 65C or less.

    Make sure there is thermal paste applied to the CPU, to enhance
    heat conduction into the heatsink/fan cooler. There should
    have been something already on the cooler, good for the
    initial installation.

    If you suspect the problem is related to the onboard video,
    perhaps installing a separate video card and testing with
    that, would be another test case to run.

    (It is possible for a Linux box running X-windows, to have
    the display subsystem hang up, in which case you may be
    able to "ping" the computer from another computer to see
    if it is really frozen or not.)

    What kind of power supply are you using ? Is the supply
    trustworthy ?

    For more comments, you can try the customer reviews here.


    One reviewer there, mentions you can press <control>-F1 in the
    BIOS, to unlock further settings. So there may be additional
    adjustments to play with, once you do that.

    Did you buy the memory from Ebay ? Was it listed as "high density" ?

    Paul, Mar 25, 2010
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