K8VSE-Deluxe - Heatsink_Fan Change - Problems !

Discussion in 'Asus' started by admiral_victory, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. I decided to change the original AMD Heatsink_Fan combination which
    came with the purchase of the K8VSE-Deluxe board in an attempt to
    reduce the noise levels of that combination.

    I replaced this with an "Arctic-Cooling Fan" and its associated Heat
    Sink from ARCTIC-COOLING, Switzerland.

    On first Bootup with this new arrangement I got a warning "CPU FAN
    FAILURE" followed by "Press F1 TO CONTINUE" appearing in this initial
    BIOS screen.

    I was expecting something like this as the ASUS m/b manual mentions
    that , if a different fan_heatsink is employed , it may be necessary
    to disable the fan speed monitoring which is normally in force with
    the original fan.

    Initially everything seemed to work OK , XP Pro loaded OK . I tried
    re-booting several times to check various parameters and got about
    three normal boots except for the "CPU FAN FAIlURE" warning mentioned.

    The fan seemed to be spinning OK and I had disabled the "COOL n'Quiet"
    function as recommended with the use of different fans.

    After the third re-boot the PC now hangs at the black "loading XP"
    screen and also hangs if Safe Mode is selected .

    Is this a fan problem and , if so , can anyone suggest a solution?

    admiral_victory, Dec 13, 2004
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