k8vse deluxe.....question about promise vs via sata controller and some bios questions

Discussion in 'Asus' started by laj, May 7, 2004.

  1. laj

    laj Guest

    I set up this board with 2x 512mb mem and amd 64 3200+ and gforce fx
    5200 apg 4x.
    my hd is wd 120 sata which I finally got reconized after getting the
    6420 via drivers at viaarena.com.
    question is : If I want to try it with the promise drivers do I go to
    promise's site and dl their drivers, install them and than turn on the
    promise controller in the bios and turn off the via southbridge one?
    (currently I have the via on and promise off; Is that correct or
    should both be on; does it matter?.
    The drive is on SATA 1 and not the raid SATA plugs. If I use the
    promise controller , do I have to move the sata cable to the lower
    raid sata area ?

    Otherwise in the bios, what should I have set otherwise for good (and
    stable) performance? I see the fsb is set for 200. Shouldn't I be able
    to turn it up to 400 (800)?? The mem is Kingston ddr400 pc3200. non-

    Any other stablilty or performance settings I should think about (and

    Plan on video editing with premiere pro and using photoshop. Will move
    2 ata umda 133's and a ultrawide scsi2 drive (thru an adaptec
    aha2940xxx adapter card).

    laj, May 7, 2004
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