Keeping Inspiron Screen Clean

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Shannon, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Shannon

    Shannon Guest

    The question about keeping an Inspiron finger pad clean reminded me that I
    was wondering:

    What's the best way to keep an Inspiron (6000) screen clean? I've been
    using clear water, but was wondering if there's a better way. Using water
    works, but it's very hard to get streaks out. I do let the screen cool
    down before using water.

    Shannon, Sep 19, 2005
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  2. Shannon

    Notan Guest

    This subject has been discussed, and discussed, and discussed...

    Other than plain water, the safest product is one of the commercial
    LCD cleaners, along with a cloth made for LCD cleaning.

    Whatever you do, DON'T USE WINDEX WITH AMMONIA!

    For more opinions, search this newsgroup, along with the laptop related

    Notan, Sep 19, 2005
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  3. Shannon

    larry Guest


    I use a piece of damped tissue paper and wipe the screen with the damp
    part then dry the screen with the dry part. That seems to work for

    larry, Sep 20, 2005
  4. Shannon

    Notan Guest

    "Tissue paper?"

    Possibly, depending on the brand/grade, a great way to scratch the screen.

    Notan, Sep 20, 2005
  5. Shannon

    S.Lewis Guest

    Water, no detergents, used with this cloth: Comp-_-Datafeed-_-Full

    They're available at Wal-Mart, KMart and locals.

    I use them on LCDs, my eyeglasses, and even on my (plastic-coated) Trinitron
    19" flat screen CRT. These cloths are durable, wash and dry perfectly well.

    3M truly makes some amazing products. This is one of them.

    S.Lewis, Sep 20, 2005
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Guest

    Shannon, Sep 21, 2005
  7. Shannon

    Ben Myers Guest

    No sandpaper, either... Ben Myers

    Ben Myers, Sep 21, 2005
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