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key steps to get c-file debugging info into AVRStudio 4

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Joe, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    What are the key steps to getting AVRStudio 4.11 to show C source file
    debugging info (rather than an assembly listing of the flash memory)?

    I've been trying different things for hours and nothing seems to work.

    I have an ATmega8535.

    Is there any documentation that focuses on the 20% of things that 80% of
    users would like to do (I'm assuming this to be something like the

    Development Environment:
    Native Windows (2k or XP) - (not Linux, Unix or Cygwin).

    Development Language:

    Deep knowledge of compiler, object, linker internals, etc.:

    Number of Files in project:
    More than one, and more functions than main() alone.

    Joe, Mar 15, 2005
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  2. Joe

    Richard M. Guest

    What compiler? If GNU C / WinAVR, can't find ya. Check out
    www.avrfreaks.net for info on that. If ImageCraft's ICCAVR, then just
    build the project under ICC, then open the COFF .cof file in Studio.
    Viola, source code debugging.
    Richard M., Mar 15, 2005
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  3. Joe

    Joe Guest

    yes, it is gcc that I'm using.

    I've been searching avrfreaks, but it's no help - a lot of the links are now
    broken, and anyway, the elf2coff thing, I already have - but it doesn't seem
    to work with the latest gcc ("can't create elf dbase").

    I did load ImageCraft's ICCAVR with a view to porting the existing project
    to this environment, but I got put off by two things:

    1. The keyword that you use to indicate Program Memory (flash), is 'const'.
    I got to that while porting and thought it seemed suspect. I.e. I didn't
    imagine that it would always do what I was wanting.

    2. When I was trying to convert an old gcc 'set bit' instruction, your
    documentation said, "see the Atmel datasheet". I'm afraid that was the
    deciding factor for me - to stick with GCC for a bit longer to see if I
    could get it to work.

    When one pays for a product, one does not want to be sent running around
    looking for answers - if a runaround IS necessary, at least and explanation
    of why and a hint of where in the datasheet to look would be helpful.

    3. (This was not a deciding factor, but it's a negative factor with your
    product) Whenever I open your html help, I keep getting asked if I want to
    allow such and such a thing to be installed (I don't, so this is very
    annoying) - what does this give me that I can't do without it- I seem to be
    able to browse your help even if it does not load.

    What are your comments on these points?

    I'm in no way a commited gcc person and would willingly pay to make my life
    easier when it comes to developing this code, so there is still time to
    convert me to ICCAVR.

    Note, this was an inherited project that was developed with the AT90S8535
    (but it has to be moved over to the ATmega8535) - hence the change to the
    latest gcc (the gcc it was originally developed with didn't seem to support
    the mega version, nor did version 3 of AVRStudio). The migration is
    complete except for the c-level debugging info.

    Joe, Mar 15, 2005
  4. Joe

    Carsten Guest

    Studio 4.11 uses elf-dwarf2 for debugging info.

    I think i was somewhere that you sould replace the -g <blank> option
    with -g elf-dwarf

    Check if elf-dwarf is correct spelled or if its called elf-dwarf2

    Load the elf file into Studio & Roll ...

    Carsten, Mar 15, 2005
  5. Joe

    Joe Guest

    I would embrace you and give you a guy-to-guy hug if I could but reach out.

    That's done it!

    The exact thing (out of all the permutations that I had, unsuccessfully,
    tried last night was):

    As you said, use: -gdwarf-2
    (elf-dwarf2 wasn't recognised by the compiler)

    This is it, in its full context (the local make file - not including the
    avrfreaks/avr_make additions that get added to the compiler flags when it is

    #compiler flags - optimise for space
    = -gdwarf-2 -Os -Wall -w -Wstrict-prototypes -Wa,-ahlms=$(<:.c=.lst)

    Next important thing:
    Open the <target>.elf file produced by the build (not the <target>.obj
    file), and that's done it (c source files now run thru AVRStudio 4.11).

    Thanks a lot.

    Some other stuff that may help others if they use gcc 3.4.3 (from
    <don't assume that I'm right here, it's just what I had to do to get a

    In the avrfreaks/avr_make file, I had to change block 8 because avr-objcopy
    does not seem to support the avrobj format anymore.

    #%.obj: %.elf
    # $(BIN) -O avrobj -R .eeprom $< [email protected]

    %.obj: %.elf
    $(BIN) -O coff-ext-avr -R .eeprom $< [email protected]

    also modified the following in block 9 (this is on a Win2k system - don't
    know if it's still valid for Linux):
    %.cof: %.elf
    $(ELFCOF) $< $(OUT) [email protected] $*.sym
    $(CP) $(OUT)/[email protected] .
    $(CP) $(OUT)/*.sym .
    $(CP) $(OUT)/*.cof .
    # $(CP) $(OUT)/* .
    # $(CP) $(OUT)\\*sym .
    # $(CP) $(OUT)\\*S .

    I'm still getting elfcoff saying that it was, "Unable to create Elf dbase",
    but everything else seems okay now.
    Joe, Mar 15, 2005
  6. Joe

    Richard M. Guest

    While somewhat unusual, I don't think it breaks ANSI C's definition per
    se, except for people who use "const char *" to a function's argument to
    mean the function will not change the content, but I can be wrong. In
    anyway, AVR is a Harvard architecture so this issue needs to be handled
    one way or another...

    I *may* add a separate keyword at some future release, but it will have
    to be done slowly to support backward compatibility :-(
    Eh? One problem here is that the old GCC does not generate set bit
    instruction so now you have unnecessary extensions to the language in
    your program. I am pretty sure the new GCC fixes it, but a set bit is

    unsigned char c;
    #define bit(x) (1 << (x))
    c |= bit(2);
    Unless I am wrong, you are only experiencing this because your program
    happens to use a non-standard C extensions. This is the prime reason we
    avoid extensions as much as possible....
    Not sure what you mean here. We switched to use HTML Webwork help on V7,
    so there may be requirements that I don't know of, but so far, I have
    not gotten any such complaints from other people. You need either
    Javascript or Java and the Webworks suppose to detect that, but I am not
    aware that it needs anything else to be installed.
    Well, hope this helps. If you wish, you can email me privately if you
    have more questions etc.
    Richard M., Mar 15, 2005
  7. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Thanks Richard,

    I had given up on gcc by the time I read your first post and set about
    porting to ICCAVR again - this was fairly easy after all (with a few macros
    defined in a new header). After the first file compiled without warning, I
    found Carsten's suggestion on the gcc fix (which worked) - so halted the
    port - it's not so important now (given that I recall the demo version of
    ICCAVR has a 4k code limit - did I recall that correctly) and I know that
    the gcc code so far is 6k (this may become a factor in the abandonment of

    Anyway, this is what pops up every time I open ICCAVR's help file:
    Do you want to install and run: file://C:\iccv7avr\Help\ICCAVR\wwhelp3.cab
    (Quadralay Corporation). As I say, I'd be interested in what this gives me,
    since the help seems to work fine when I say "No, I don't want to install

    There is a bad downside, actually. When I have the ICCAVR help open, I get
    errors when I open my normal IE browser (to google's home page or any new

    "A runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?
    Line: 0
    Error: object doesn't support this property or method" - where I have to
    click no.

    (I am using a fairly old popup killer - proxomitron - maybe this is a
    factor) - anyway, not nice.
    IE5.5 SP2, Win2k.

    A couple of other things that are putting me off the product:

    It is not possible to put two source windows side by side in the IDE (to
    view one while typing into another).

    There is no pre-configured option to use MS Dev Studio's editor as an
    alternative (maybe it can't be used? maybe I'm missing the point - but it is
    a good editor that has never caused me any problems.).

    It's too fussy using the current menu setup to compile a single file:
    (especially when one is in an edit and compile cycle to try and figure
    something awkward). MS Dev Studio gets it right when it puts build and
    compile under the same 'build' menu (Alt, B, B or Alt, B, C).

    Closing a window is too fussy as well - It's a shame you didn't do an MDI
    application but chose the tabs (which are good - but you really need the
    other things associated with MDI apps to turn them into an asset rather than
    simply a replacement).

    These are only my personal opinions, and as I've metioned, I've not ruled
    out a switch to ICCAVR yet - it will become a necessity if the final code
    won't fit (but then, I'll be considering IAR Workbench under this scenario).


    Joe, Mar 16, 2005
  8. Joe

    Richard M. Guest

    It's fully functional for 45 days, and then 4K limited "forever" for non
    commercial sue.
    Hmm... no idea. What OS are you using, and what is your default browswer
    (and version). Do you have Javascript or Java enabled? Do you get to see
    any of the Help at all?
    I guess this is the problem using a (well known 3 rd party) product. I
    have no idea... I will take your info and send it to Qudralay. I do
    again stress that no one else has the problems (so far) so it's probably
    something about your particular setup.
    Not currently. Sorry.
    Yes, you can use any external editor. See Tools->Environments and set
    the editor to external.
    Generally we don't recommend people to compile a single file. Just build
    the whole project. This is one of those ease of use thing. For 99% of
    people, they are happy with just clicking on the build icon. If we make
    "compile to single file" easy to use, for some reasons, then lots of
    people start to use it and wonder why they can't build executables etc.
    By moving it away, we solve a lot of support issues w/o hurting most
    users. Just right now, we have a customer wondering why the "linker
    file" blinks and disappears when he clicks on it. It took me many emails
    to fish it out of him that he builds and project, compile each file to
    object, then click on the linkw.exe icon (and expect what?...) Since
    ilinkw is a command line program, of course it just blinks and
    disappears. Some people have very clear idea on what they are doing.
    Unfortunately, they could be wrong at times :) Our philosophy is to
    make our tools as simple to use as possible for the 80-90% of the users,
    and give the rest some of the hooks.
    We use to have MDI on V5, but again, a whole different set of support
    problems cropped up. Since most people have their own favorite editor
    anyway, we just make our editor usable and spend the energy on the
    compiler and the application builder.
    BTW, ^W closes an editor window.
    Richard M., Mar 16, 2005
  9. Joe

    Rich Webb Guest

    FWIW, I have no problems with the ICC AVR help being open in Opera and
    then launching another tab on, say, Google.

    Although I almost never use IE, pasting the path to the ICC AVR help
    file works OK with MSIE, although I do get an IE warning about "Internet
    Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could
    access your computer."

    I guess that MS has so many security holes that when they decide to
    block an active control in IE, they need to be all showy about it to
    Demonstrate That They Are Taking Security Seriously and are Doing
    Something About It.

    No problems, tho, with firing up other IE sessions.
    Rich Webb, Mar 16, 2005
  10. Mmm..... and now it takes 6 seconds on my 2.4GHz machine to show the first
    help page, as opposed to less than 1 second in V6.... But apart from that: a
    great compiler and IDE! :)

    Meindert Sprang, Mar 16, 2005
  11. Joe

    Richard M. Guest

    Don't you know we get kickback from Microsoft and Intel!! :)

    Unfortunately, old WinHelp is not "recommended" by Microsoft anymore,
    that plus other reasons (we can now maintain more or less single source
    Help source amongst all the products that we support with some
    "conditional" text) so we have to switch. Framemaker/Webwork combo is
    not ideal, but it does solve some problems. Sorry for the slow down though.
    Richard M., Mar 16, 2005
  12. Really? :))

    I see. Well thanks for explaining. I can see the benefits: we also maintain
    a single-source codebase for 6 products...

    Meindert Sprang, Mar 16, 2005
  13. Joe

    Carsten Guest

    Glad to be able to help out ..

    You cound/should actually have gone to the
    www.avfreaks.net in the forum -> AVR GCC section.

    The avr-libc maintainer and the WinAVR maintainer is verry active

    Btw: There are at least one correction to the "Memory usage script" ,
    used by WinAVR to tell about free/used resources on the chip compiled

    Carsten, Mar 16, 2005
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