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Keyboard replacement on Compaq Presario R3000 (not working now) =.....

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by GGG, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. GGG

    GGG Guest

    Equals a big fat zero. LOL (well, not really)

    I just swapped out a bad keyboard out of my Presario R32##CL laptop.
    I put it in, and presto! The laptop would not fire, either pressing
    the button (when I put the cover back on, or if I attempted to turn it
    on without it-- this was attempting to use either battery or AC power)
    I put the original keyboard back in.. Nothing.
    Tried the replacement.. Made sure all the connectors were touching
    together (the best I could) Nothing.. "air pressure dried" (canned
    air) the connection area. Still nothing.
    Put back in original. Nothing.
    Put the replacement back in. Nothing. That's how it stands.
    It's currently in, "near the point of no return"-- partial dismantling
    has begun.

    Are these models of compaqs so touchy that no matter what you do to
    replace a keyboard, it isn't going to work? It's a simple
    replacement feature, yet, I can't get the laptop to turn on at all.
    Is this computer done with? Are there any tricks you have tried to
    get the keyboard connector with the motherboard (with success)?
    I'm not ready to buy another laptop, but I am very close to dismantling
    the whole thing, and starting over. Are there comporable laptops
    that will work with the HD from the model I have?

    At least I backed up all my critical data before attempting this "easy
    repair" (seems nothing is easily fixable)

    Thanks for your input.
    GGG, Nov 3, 2005
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  2. GGG

    GTS Guest

    Replacing a keyboard will not, in itself, cause this kind of problem.
    Laptops are very delicate. It sounds like you probably damaged it in some
    fashion. Are you sure all connectors are properly seated? You might
    consider getting some professional help with it.
    GTS, Nov 4, 2005
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  3. GGG

    ikenfixit Guest

    That is a strange one to say the least.. Ive never seen a keyboard
    kill a laptop even if installed improperley.. Do you get any LED's?
    Anything? We work on these and would be more than happy to assist
    w/free diagnostics.. Has to be somthing stupid..
    ikenfixit, Nov 5, 2005
  4. GGG

    GGG Guest

    It ususally is. That's how the repair shops keep in business. :)
    I've taken enough of these apart to know it's not an easy feat to put
    them back together, so once I think it's given up the ghost, I just go
    full throttle till it's a bunch of parts on my bed, or desktop,
    whatnot.. IT would be five times as frustrating to put it back
    together again.. Something would go wrong, I'm sure of it.

    Someone else asked me if i had any power source in the unit when I did
    this operation.. Yes. It had battery power when I did this, but
    nothing registered, of course. I had pulled the power cord (duh,
    methinks that's its only supply of power)
    I get nothing, zip, when I try to turn it on. It just sits there
    being useless. No power whatsoever.
    It does not matter which keyboard is installed. I just hope I
    didn't zap the HD when I did this bout of stupid-ness, or anything else
    for that matter.

    I made sure that the keyboard ribbon was stuff in the place it was
    supposed to go.

    Short of this, does anyone have an R3000 R4000 or X6000 they want to
    sell or can recommend a source other than ebya? (that could give me a
    deal I couldn't refuse. I dislike having to rebuy parts again.
    Rather stay with this model.
    Want it to be 512mb/built in wifi card. It can be AMD or Intel,
    doesn't matter.
    GGG, Nov 6, 2005
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