Keynote to PowerPoint/PowerPoint to Keynote

Discussion in 'Apple' started by b.ingraham, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. b.ingraham

    b.ingraham Guest

    Although I have no way of testing whether it actually works, it appears
    that Apple Keynote presentations can be exported for use in PowerPoint.
    Is the opposite possible? Can a PowerPoint user export PowerPoint files
    for use in Keynote?

    b.ingraham, Aug 4, 2006
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  2. b.ingraham

    Paul Sture Guest

    No, but I've been able to use Keynote version 1 (version 2 is the
    latest) to read all the PowerPoint files which have come my way in the
    last 3 years.

    (For some reason, bullet symbols don't always come across correctly, but
    that's easy to fix.)
    Paul Sture, Aug 4, 2006
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  3. b.ingraham

    Simon Slavin Guest

    PowerPoint doesn't know about Keynote's format: it can't import or export.

    Keynote knows about PowerPoint's format: it can import and export.

    However, none of this works perfectly. If you think you're going to do
    all your work in one application, then present it in the other
    application, thing again. There are many minor differences in how the
    rendering software works, how colour is handled, and how the animations
    work. Your basic text and images come thought, but there are enough
    defects in the finished work that you really need to tidy it up before
    using it for a presentation.

    What it /is/ good for is making the move once you've started working and
    decided to switch to the other application. It saves you from having to
    start again.

    Simon Slavin, Aug 6, 2006
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