KG7 - FSB @ 133MHz = Unstable / FSB @ 100MHz = Stable - Help!

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Timmy The Turtle, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. I don't know if someone can help, me but I've allready tried allot of
    but nothing seems to work indefinatly. The Problem is as follow's, it seems
    every 10 hours or so my system seems to have the urge to crash without
    Also it crashes after about 10 minutes of playing games. As you can see this
    is really
    really really annoying.

    What may be a bit stranger (for me it is) is the fact that it only crashes
    when i
    set the FSB to 133MHz, if I set it to 100MHz I can run the system for days
    without a
    single problem. I have read in newsgroups, forums,... that I'm not the only
    one with
    this problem (also a friend of mine has the problem with an MSI, and another
    friend with
    an I-don't-know-what MB). Same CPU's diffrent MB's, Same problems (do I see
    a resemblance here?).

    Anyway I have tried allot, I have installed al the latest drivers and I am
    the latest BIOS. I fiddled with the BIOS here and there, changing states,
    but always
    finding that the system crashes immediatly after startup, or any other
    thing. Also I
    changed every single important piece of Hardware except the Motherboard, so
    I'm fairly
    sure that the hardware is in 'normal' working order (except for the

    So does anybody know how to solve this??? (You'd be my hero, really!)

    System specs are:

    Mainboard: KG7 (normal)
    CPU: Athlon XP 2000+ (average temprature:
    RAM: 2x PC2100 256MB
    1x PC2700 512MB
    Powersupply: 400W Dual-Fan Q-tec
    AGP: AOpen GeForce TI4200 (128MB) running @ 4x
    PCI: - Creative Soundblaster 5.1 Live! (bulk)
    - Guillemot Maxi PCI3 TV-thingy
    - Realtec 100/10Mbps

    HD: * SeaGate Baracuda IV 60GB (Pri Master)
    * Maxtor 20GB (old one) (Pri Slave)

    CD: * Creative Encore 12x DVD (Sec Master)
    * HP CDRW 8x/4x/32x (Sec Slave)
    => Could be the other way round
    Master <=> Slave
    Timmy The Turtle, Jul 8, 2003
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