KG7-Raid versa KT7-Raid : Seti @ Home

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Mark Ryan, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan Guest

    Could some one please tell me what I am missing here.

    The KG7-Raid completes a Seti unit in 14hrs 45mins, the CPU is XP1800
    clocked to 1.8Ghz, I have 512mb DDR266 (Generic Brand).

    The KT7-Raid completes a Seti unit in 8hrs 55min, the CPU is XP1800 clocked
    to 1.8Ghz, I have 512mb PC133 (Crucial Brand)

    Why is the KT7-Raid faster?




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    Mark Ryan, Jul 25, 2003
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  2. Mark Ryan

    matt Guest

    do you have the screen saver on. If you do make sure the go to blank screen box
    is checked in the settings. Both of them should be going faster thatn that.
    My comp that is running at 1.8ghz averges 5hrs 19min. and that is with
    lan and sound on board. I have all of mine running full time and no screen
    saver. I ran for a year b4 I realized what a differance it made. Cut my
    times by a third at least.
    Hope this helps.
    ps on the why is the kt7-raid faster I would guess vid card?
    matt, Jul 25, 2003
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  3. Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan Guest


    Hope it's not the video card as this unit, the KG7-Raid is the GeForce4
    Ti4200 128mb, and the KT7-Raid is the 32mb Radeon 7500.

    On the issue of screen saver, that is, I think the difference the lady (my
    missues) has Seti on constant.


    Mark Ryan, Jul 25, 2003
  4. Mark Ryan

    Bob Troll Guest

    Hey Mark

    I changed out the screen saver version in favor of the command line style
    and there is a dramatic difference in time spent on a packet.

    I have a KG7 running a amd 2100 palomino in a stock configuration with 512
    ram and a ti 4200 vid card. It sounds similar to your configuration but my
    clock is at about 1739mhz.

    It runs off a packet in about 3hrs and 30 minutes or a bit less depending on
    how much activity I am doing with it while it runs 24/7. I'm using the
    machine right now to do some emailing and NG reading. My xp machine with a
    tbred 2400 also running stock with 512 ram is cranking them out in about 3
    hours flat, give or a take a few minutes.

    You would be dazzled at how much faster the machine will spew packets if you
    change over to the command line version. While I was reading I didn't notice
    what OS you were running on the machine, but in any case there is an awesome
    self installing package with all the latest drivers all set for you at:

    Although this fellow is in the netherlands, it is all in English as well as
    the client itself. This installer will attempt to uninstall the screen saver
    version for you, but I would recommend finishing off the packet you're
    working on now, uninstall the SS version and go ahead and slap this in. I am
    running this same software on a win98se and a xp machine with no issues to

    The self-installer has not failed to install perfectly and makes it real
    easy to get it up and running with little or no user intervention.

    I highly recommend it to you and/or anyone else interested. Don't forget to
    bookmark the page as it is a real biotch to try to locate.

    Regards, Bob Troll
    Bob Troll, Jul 26, 2003
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