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Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Allen Tower, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Allen Tower

    Allen Tower Guest

    The shuttle program was the launching point of many dreams for boys
    and girls and such a major part of our history as Americans. We at
    Shuttlwear have put to gather a technical illustration T-shirt of the
    shuttle that we hope will keep the memories of the people that worked
    so hard to give us the dreams of what is possible. We need funding to
    be able to start printing these t-shirts for the Smithsonian, and
    other museums, and online sales.

    We hope that as people are wearing these shirts or looking at our
    posters, that they will think…

    Think of the people who used these shuttles to go places we can only
    dream of.

    Respect the people that worked so hard to make this now retired
    program as success.

    Remember those that we have lost in our pursuit of Space Exploration.

    Dream of what the future holds.
    Allen Tower, Apr 22, 2012
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