Kids games won't work on Shuttle

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Computerzeek, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Computerzeek

    Computerzeek Guest


    I built a SN41G2 because the kids wanted a computer to play their games on.

    I have the system with an AMD XP2500, with 2 sticks of 256 PC2700 memory,
    and using the onboard graphics.

    WHen I load the kids games (little kids game) like LEGO racers or the sort -
    the games starts- and then crashes.

    I tried Flight simulator too, the same experience- everything loads up - and
    then it crashes.

    WHat can I do to get these games to work?

    Computerzeek, Sep 27, 2003
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  2. Computerzeek

    Paul C Guest

    Nearly always memory problems when using the onboard graphics. The
    performance isn't all that either.
    Invest in an AGP graphics card. It is worth it.

    In the short term, how much memory have you allocated to the onboard
    graphics card?

    Paul C, Sep 28, 2003
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  3. Computerzeek

    Venger Guest

    I have two of these for my kids.

    I am going to guess your problem is memory. Can you underclock the RAM in
    the BIOS? I have yet to see RAM that will work well at rated speed on these
    systems. I run PC3200 at 40Mhz under spec (360) and it works like a champ,
    and my kids have every game known to man, from Barbie to UT2003 to Half Life
    to Jurassic Park blah blah blah - no problems (JP used to crash to desktop
    until I changed sound to stanard acceleration in dxdiag, worked per the web

    If you get the RAM right, you are in like flint. The kids systems are ROCK
    solid, running Windows 2000.

    Good luck, I'd order Crucial PC3200...

    Venger, Oct 4, 2003
  4. Computerzeek

    ranchhand Guest

    I hope you guys don't mind me jumping in at this point, but I have an
    observation to make after viewing posts about these units over a
    period of months. Seems these partially-prebuilt units are popular,
    and then so many folks have trouble with them they end up with more
    work, component-switching and configuring and money invested than if
    they just built one from scratch.

    Case in Point is the probs with the units in this thread.

    I have built three blazing-fast cmoputers using the Shuttle AK39N
    mainboard and the Athalon 2400xp(2GHz)Processor, with 512/333 DDR ram.
    Bumped the board up to 266FSB by pulling off one jumper. Use the
    Radeon 8500LE/64MB DDR RAM AGP video card($65 at Newegg last time I
    looked), and Radeon's free overclocker to bump up the core clock from
    250 to 280MHz. My kids play the heavy duty, 3D rendered games all day
    from MechWarrior4 to Hitman to ???. That Shuttle board is rock-solid,
    fast and has 6 channel surround sound ingegrated. I have had far less
    problems (so it seems at least) than all the threads I have read
    concerning the SN41. I run Photoshop7 working with 90 meg files, and
    90% of the time it's as fast as I can click the mouse, with the
    exception of when I apply a filter to the whole 90meg file or
    something like that. Then it will take about 10 seconds (I timed it
    several times).

    If you will notice, how many posts are there with problems with the
    AK39N board? I can't remember seeing any in the past few months.

    Bet I paid only a little more than if I had used the SN.

    I'm not flaming anybody! Just a thought, but I stand to be corrected
    if I'm wrong!
    ranchhand, Oct 7, 2003
  5. Computerzeek

    Skier Guest

    I made my wife one of the early shoebox PCs, the SV24. Nice and small, but
    noisy and not very upgradeable (no AGP and only one PCI). And a piss poor
    power supply that I have already had to replace. I built my son a PC using
    the Shuttle AB48PN in a nice quiet big Antec case ($69), works GREAT! I
    just finished replacing a friend's burned up mobo with a AK39N with no
    problems, again in a nice big case. I am not sure the little tiny cases are
    worth the extra $100s of dollars. You can make a nice AK39N and nice Antec
    Case for $140, can't touch a little XPC for anything like that. They are
    cute though. Makes you want to take them home and hug them.

    Skier, Oct 10, 2003
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