KT333 Ultra-ARU shuts down 2 secs after powerup?!

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Witchy, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Witchy

    Witchy Guest

    Hi folks,

    Hopefully someone here has seen this before. My long-running KT333
    decided to give me 4 red LEDs at powerup on friday, which the manual
    says is a dead CPU......true, I get 4 red LEDs whether the CPU
    (XP1800) is in or out.

    So - off to find the nearest replacement I could get at short notice
    and I end up with a Duron 1400 ('C' part number so it's compatible
    with the XP1800 at 266FSB)

    However, the machine will power itself off almost as soon as I've
    powered it up. The DLED gives me top left green, top right green, then
    power off, which sort of hints at memory problems - top right green is
    the memory test and I can leave the DIMM out and it does the same
    thing, move it from slot to slot etc.

    I've cleared the CMOS according to the manual (and left the battery
    out for an hour :) but it's still shutting down.

    Before I bite the bullet and get another half gig stick of RAM that I
    can't afford right now am I barking up the wrong tree with this one?
    Is there a 'clear CMOS' setting I've missed somewhere?

    Oh, I should also mention that I've not fitted the cooler to the CPU
    as I was thinking it might not be the CPU that's died, but the CPU
    doesn't even get slightly warm so it's not overheating.

    Any hints appreciated!
    Witchy, Nov 23, 2003
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  2. Witchy

    hgboehl Guest

    I had a similar problem on an upgrade two weeks ago. My solution was to
    correctly install the HSFan on the CPU. The HSF was not making good contact
    with the cpu and caused a temperature rise, which in turn shut the system
    down. So go ahead and properly install the HSF on the processor. Good
    hgboehl, Nov 24, 2003
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  3. Witchy

    Witchy Guest

    Ta for that, but wouldn't I be able to feel such a temperature rise?
    The core stays cold......I'm loathe to get thermal grease on the CPU
    if I've got another problem elsewhere.
    Witchy, Nov 24, 2003
  4. Witchy

    LSASr Guest

    IF you powered the beast up without a heatsink on it the CPU probably
    toasted. I think it take an AMD chip about 3-5 seconds to destroy itself
    with no heatsink on it. There was an article done on that exact issue a year
    or so ago. The small size of the die just won't let it run for any time at
    all. If you have another computer you could check it but I put my money on
    it being scrap. You could have put the sink on without paste just to try to
    get it to boot and then quickly shut it down once you got to the bios
    screen. OR you may have a peripheral that is shorting the PS before
    anything really can start to function, which the PS protection system is
    designed to do,.

    LSASr, Nov 24, 2003
  5. Witchy

    xEcute Guest

    No way should you try to boot an Athlon with out thermal contact to the Heat
    sink. This act would deem the Athlon as out of guarantee as the instructions
    supplied or available from AMD states that an HSF with thermal PAD must be
    fitted before the CPU is powered up. Looks like you have burnt up your CPU
    and will have to buy another.
    xEcute, Nov 24, 2003
  6. Witchy

    Witchy Guest

    Witchy, Nov 24, 2003
  7. Witchy

    Witchy Guest

    Fortunately I've been lucky. I've just tested the RAM and the CPU in
    my other (Asus based) machine and both are working, so I guess it's
    back to square 1. Back in the ARU machine and I'm now getting 3 beeps,
    which all the forums point to memory *somewhere*, either on the cpu,
    RAM or video RAM on the graphics card. Other posts on the MSI website
    say this is a very common problem but there doesn't appear to be any 1
    solution :-/

    Witchy, Nov 25, 2003
  8. Witchy

    Witchy Guest

    Reply to me own post here - believe it or not the Duron 1400 isn't
    compatible with the Ultra-ARU. Neither is the Duron 1600 or 1800. I'm
    going to have to hope the shop takes this one back and swaps it for an
    XP1900 or something that IS compatible.

    What a fuckin' nightmare!
    Witchy, Nov 25, 2003
  9. Witchy

    the Kr1S Guest


    You're not the only one having a nightmare.

    I bought a KT6 Delta, processor an memory at three differnt suppliers.
    I have installed the mem, cpu and heatsink (no paste), and have the
    same problem. Poweroff after 2 seconds. Diagnose leds shows it chack
    the mem, then powers off. When I remove the power from the processor
    on the mobo, the system powers on, and stays on (no power off). Now I
    am wondering If I have a CPU problem too, or is the memory defect. Do
    you know if the system powers off when memory defect or no memory
    installed? Or does de power stay on and show the leds that memory is

    the Kr1S, Dec 1, 2003
  10. Witchy

    neopolaris Guest

    Is all the memory the same and have you tried 2 sticks only? You may need
    to raise the V-link voltage to 2.7v and the DDR voltage to the same. You
    need a quality brand name power supply if you don't already have one. One
    with the 4-prong extra plug is needed. You need at least 18A on the 12+v
    rail on the power supply. Check the sticker on the PS to check.
    neopolaris, Dec 1, 2003
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