KT400 Ultra Platinum "video controller"

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by CARNAGE!!!, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. CARNAGE!!!

    CARNAGE!!! Guest

    I have a newly purchased Sy-kt400 Dragon Ultra Platinum... Running
    an Athlon XP 1800+ "t-bred", ATI Radeon 9600se, With Windows XP
    Professional installed... My problem is after the install of the
    soyo setup cd, i still have the yellow "?" in the device manager....
    the 3 devices with the "?" are "video controller" "video controller
    (VGA compatible)" and "USB controller"... In the Soyo website
    knowledge base, it says to install winxp sp1, and the usb 2.0 will
    work, so i know what to do with that one... But i am completely
    stuck on the video controllers... I can't install the drivers for my
    Radeon, heck the radeon doesnt even show up as a "display adapter"...
    according to the device manager it doesnt exist yet... I have tried
    several different versions of the Via4in1 service pack to no avail...
    in the user manual for my board, there is a before and after pic of
    the device manager... the before pic being the device manager after
    winxp installation, but before soyo setup driver disc... the after
    pic is after the drivers are loaded... my device manager stays with
    the "before" pic, even after the setup cd is ran... I have tried
    different drivers, manual installs, nothing seems to work... Any
    help would be greatly appreciated...


    CARNAGE!!!, Dec 5, 2003
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  2. CARNAGE!!!

    CARNAGE!!! Guest

    OK..... no one wants to talk about my subject huh......... anyway
    here is an update for anyone paying attention..... (((((quick
    version)))) i put the radeon 9600se into another system, went and
    bought a "PNY" GeForce FX 5200 (((yeah just a 5200))) installed it on
    the soyo....... works fine..... it almost grabbed the driver disc
    itself... and oddly enough, im gettin better benchmarks (((UT2K3,
    only one i ran so far))) with the FX52, on a soyo board... than i am
    with the radeon9600se, on abit board... Runnin same CPU, DDR, anyone
    care for the rest of the stats
    just ask...


    aka... CARNAGE!!!
    CARNAGE!!!, Dec 9, 2003
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  3. CARNAGE!!!

    farmuse Guest

    NO ! yank that friggin 5200 now ! yuk ! blah ! the 9600 is far
    superior. You just need to learn how to load a video driver > download
    either omega driver, do a google for it, or the catalyst, then install;
    cake. I am surprised XP doesn't load a driver, but that chipset is new.
    The 5200 is sos, same ol sht. XP loads loads any ol geforce driver it
    can, and they are all the same. The 9600 is the way to go dude ~

    mail me if you get stuck ~
    farmuse, Dec 12, 2003
  4. CARNAGE!!!

    dave Guest

    dave, Dec 13, 2003
  5. CARNAGE!!!

    CARNAGE!!! Guest

    Why does everyone hate Nvidia based cards??? Installed the radeon
    back into the system... bench scores are terrible, compared to the
    GeFX... The radeon is now back in the wifes PC, living out it's days
    surfing the web, and playing solitaire... add the fact that the
    radeon didnt overclock well... And it just wasnt an appealing card to
    be looking at through the window on my case (basic green PCB, black
    heatsink, no fan)... The GeFX has the "bling,bling" effect, with it's
    blue PCB, and chrome heatsink/fan, it matches the Dragon Ultra
    Platinum perfectly... By the way, i'm not knocking ATI, they have an
    excellent product... ((My fave vid card is my Radeon 9800pro in my
    gaming system)) Im just sayin that in this config, "I" like the
    GeFX52 better, nuff said... ((((No video cards were harmed in the
    making of this thread))))


    CARNAGE!!!, Dec 13, 2003
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