KT4V (MSI6712) + Radeon 7200

Discussion in 'MSI' started by redmen1, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. redmen1

    redmen1 Guest


    Greetings to all, I after a small piece of advice.
    I have been running my Radeon 7200 card for a while now, but lately I
    have encountered a strange problem.
    I am running a MSI-6712 (KT4V) mobo (Latest BIOS), Windows XP (SP1)
    along with a DVD-RW, CD-RW and 80Gb HD. The other day I powered up the
    kit but was surprised to see no POST screens, the light on the monitor
    indicated that it was in stand-by mode, after approx 2 minutes the
    screen came back with the WIndows XP logon Screen. So I removed the card

    and reseated it, powered back on same problem. The only way I can either

    get into the BIOS settings or see the POST screens is to re-install an
    old PCI graphics card.
    The BIOS is AMIBIOS and I have tried changing the Primary Adapter
    Display from PCI to AGP and vice-versa, the only display I get is once
    Windows XP has loaded.
    I can't believe that the card is faulty as it functions ok in Windows.

    Does anyone have any ideas, I've got the latest version of MSI BIOS


    redmen1, Sep 4, 2003
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