KT7 and MSI Fx5700LE - 128Mo ?!?!

Discussion in 'MSI' started by André B., Jul 25, 2004.

  1. André B.

    André B. Guest

    Dear All,

    Does anybody succeed in putting a MSI Geforce Fx5700LE 128Mo (video card) on
    a Abit Motherboard KT7 (A9 Bios) ?

    or simply,

    Does anybody succeed in putting a MSI video card based on Nvidia FX
    (5200,5700,5900 ...) on the same motherboard KT7 ?

    I do not !
    My configuration is Windows 2000, 256Mo, Duron 1.3 and brand new enermax
    powersupply 370W, all with all possible and updated drivers.

    Thanks in advance for tour replies

    André B., Jul 25, 2004
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