Discussion in 'Abit' started by Bird Janitor®, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone -

    Today I got another request asking for my KT7-RAID/KT7A-RAID modded BIOS.

    I have modded the KT7_A9.BIN (for all KT7-RAID and KT7A-RAID revision 1.0 -
    1.2 boards only) and the KT7S_B4.BIN (for KT7A-RAID revision 1.3 boards
    only) to include the Highpoint version 2.351 BIOS, which supports 48-Bit LBA
    for drives larger than 137GB.

    Old messages I've posted linking to these files that have synced throughout
    cyberspace have an old file name. Consequently I regularly get chased down
    through my personal web space to provide access to the current files (which
    are identically named to Abit's releases).

    So, to minimize discomfort among the masses who find an old post from me ..
    but then cannot find their way to my personal web space to ask, I've put up
    a page with direct links (as well as a link to Highpoint's version 2.351


    Hopefully this message will sync to many of the mirror pages that pick up
    this newsgroup and there will be major happiness among the throngs still
    running one of these boards.

    Bird Janitor®, May 10, 2006
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