KT7A - Abit replaced my out of warranty board for free.

Discussion in 'Abit' started by xyz, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. xyz

    xyz Guest

    My board developed leaking capacitors and Abit replaced it for free. The
    board was out of warranty plus I didn't have the receipt either.

    The online RMA form was a little confusing, it wanted purchase date but
    seemed to indicate not to make one up if you don't know. Well, if you leave
    it blank it won't continue so I ended up calling the RMA phone number and
    that's how I found out they would replace it for free. They said just
    estimate purchase date, I think they really go by the serial number of the
    mobo anyway.

    When you fill out the form indicating an out of warranty board, you are
    charged a $25 repair fee, payable with Paypal. I had to call the number
    again to get them to delete the $25 fee, I wanted to speed it up.

    I chose to do a cross shipment, which had a $7 charge plus $150 refundable
    deposit. So, it cost me $7 but that was my choice to speed things up. The
    replacement was sent out the same day I paid. The refund of the deposit is
    handled with a check from Abit, that took a couple of weeks to get back.

    If your board is already dead, you might just send your board back 2nd day
    air and apply the $7 to that rather than doing a cross shipment. You'd
    probably only be without the board for 2 or 3 more days and wouldn't have to
    deal with the deposit.

    From what I could gather, getting any out of warranty board repaired would
    only cost $25, I saw no mention of any additional charges. I guess I should
    say replaced, rather than repaired.

    xyz, Apr 30, 2004
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  2. xyz

    GlassVial Guest

    From what I could gather, getting any out of warranty board repaired would
    Replaced with another repaired board :)

    GlassVial, Apr 30, 2004
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  3. xyz

    xyz Guest

    Yes, of course repaired, even if they still manufactured this model you
    wouldn't get a new one in a warranty exchange. This one could develop bad
    caps as well, anything is possible. But if this one lasts as long as the
    other one did, it will be well past it's useful life. And you can't beat
    free with a stick.

    xyz, Apr 30, 2004
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