KT7a and slow fan RPM - does not show :/

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Krzysiek, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Krzysiek

    Krzysiek Guest


    I use KT7a MoBo, works "fine" (could better...) but I have a damn problem.

    I use slow FANs (low RPM) and I can not see RPM in hardware monitoring BIOS
    reports 0RPM neither with VIA hardware doctor (always 2570RPM):-(

    I know that winbonds chipsets have FAN divisors (2,4,8...) and it does the
    job, but KT7a does not use winbond chipset (I belive it is a north bridge

    What Can I do? Maybe there is a "mod" bios or other program?

    Krzysiek, Nov 1, 2005
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  2. Krzysiek

    stargazer257 Guest

    What brand of fan are you using?

    I had some similar issues with some KT7's and KR7's in the past. The
    brand/type of fan, and where they are plugged in to the MB could be a
    clue to help solve your problem.
    stargazer257, Nov 4, 2005
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  3. Krzysiek

    Krzysiek Guest

    Arctic Cooling PRO TC FAN, I have installed SpeedFan software today and I
    did some tests with fan div - no luck. Always 0RPM reading (Voltage, Temp.
    monitor work)
    I will check that.

    Krzysiek, Nov 5, 2005
  4. Krzysiek

    stargazer257 Guest

    Other things to check:

    Some of these things you probably already know, but I'm trying to
    cover all the bases here...

    The KT7A has four fan headers. Fan 1 and Fan 2 support RPM
    monitoring, Fan 3 (close to the AGP slot if I remember right) and Fan
    4 (toward the front of the case) are three pin headers, but do NOT
    support fan speed monitoring.

    I had problems on my Abit boards with a variable speed Enermax fan.
    Fan speed would be reported when fan was close to full speed, but
    when I slowed it down it would show either zero or a speed greater
    than 300,000 RPM. It also would not allow me to get into the BIOS
    when it was flaking out like that (but that's another problem...).

    Have you tried the fan on another motherboard to see if it reads

    Finally, since you have a thermally controlled fan, try to heat up the
    thermistor with your finger or something a bit warmer to speed up the
    fan. Some fan monitoring circuitry just drops the fan speed when the
    speed is too low. If you are on Fan 1 or Fan 2, try this while
    monitoring the speed. If it starts to read the rpm after it speeds
    up (give it about 20 seconds to be sensed by SpeedFan), then the fan
    is just running too slow to be monitored at the speed you are running
    it. (But at least it's quiet!)

    One last thing. Try Motherboard Monitor. Although the author is not
    continuing to develop it, it fully supports the KT7A. SpeedFan
    should work as well, but I thought I would toss the MBM option in.

    Good luck,


    PS, are you sure your fan supports rpm monitoring? The Artic Cooler
    site didn't say one way or another, just a 3-pin Molex connector.
    Did your documentation that came with the fan or the packaging
    mention this?
    stargazer257, Nov 6, 2005
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