KT7A-RAID - Mismatched BIOS and HPT Drivers

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Damaeus, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Damaeus

    Damaeus Guest

    KT7A-RAID - Mismatched BIOS and HPT Drivers

    Okay, I know that mismatching the BIOS version and Highpoint driver version
    can cause problems with losing RAID data. But I don't have a RAID array set
    up -- just a regular single hard drive on one of the Highpoint controllers.
    However I do have a different BIOS than HPT drivers. Would you anticipate any
    complications on a non-RAID Highpoint drive from updating the BIOS now?

    I've already written 8.6 gigs of data to two of the three partitions on the
    80-gig drive I installed. One partition only has my CD-RIPS, so it's no big
    deal to replace. The other partition has my e-mail / usenet database on it.
    I can back it up to my old hard drive where it used to be before updating the
    BIOS, which I plan to do. But I won't back up the CD-Rips since they can be
    redone about as easily, and especially since I don't have 5.3 gigs of space on
    my old drive to hold them all.

    Should I expect any problems, do you think?

    I run WinXP Home SP1.


    System Credentials - Hardware
    Motherboard : Abit KT7A-RAID - BIOS 3R
    AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1200 MHz (Not Overclocked)
    CoolerMaster DP5-6H51 (Recommended by AMD)
    512 MB Infineon PC-133 CAS-2 SD-RAM
    VIA 4.40 4in1 Drivers
    AGP : CL 3-D Annihilator 2 Ultra (GeForce 2 Ultra)(64MB DDR-RAM)
    Running Detonator 44.03 nVidia Reference Drivers (Win98)
    MicronPC 900Mx Trinitron 19" .24mm 1600x1200 @ 88Hz
    Running at 1280x1024 @ 85Hz refresh (no rolling lines)
    PCI 1 : Empty
    PCI 2 : Hauppauge WinTV 404 TV Tuner/Video Capture
    PCI 3 : DSI DI3635 v.90 Fax/Voice WinModem 56k
    PCI 4 : SoundBlaster Live Platinum 5.1
    Front Speaker Output: Monitor Mounted Speakers
    Rear Speaker Output: Temporarily Empty :-(
    Gameport: Gravis xTerminator Digital Gamepad
    Mic: Packard Bell Microphone
    PCI 5 : Empty
    PCI 6 : Linksys Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet NC100 2.1
    ISA : Empty

    Serial 1 : (COM1) Empty ;Creative ModemBlaster DE5625 56k External
    Serial 2 : (COM2) Empty

    Parallel : Mustek 600 III EP Plus Scanner

    USB 1 : Empty
    USB 2 : Empty

    PS/2 1 : Logitech Optical MouseMan Wheel
    PS/2 2 : Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite
    CueCat Barcode Scanner

    Case: Antec SX1030B (Black)
    Power Supply: 400 Watts
    5.25 #1 ex: Toshiba SD-R1002 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combination Drive
    CD Digital Out to SB Live Platinum 5.1 in PCI #4
    CD Analog Out to SB Live Platinum 5.1 in PCI #4
    5.25 #2 ex: Empty
    5.25 #3 ex: Empty
    5.25 #4 ex: Creative Soundblaster Platinum 5.1 Live Drive II/IR
    3.5 #1 ex: A:\ TEAC 3.5: Floppy Model FD-235-HF
    3.5 #2 ex: Empty
    3.5 #3 in: Empty
    3.5 #4 in: Western Digital WD800JBRTL 80GB ATA-100 7200RPM HardDrive
    HighPoint IDE3a
    3.5 #5 in: Maxtor 30GB ATA-66 7200RPM Hard Drive Model 53076U6
    VIA IDE1a
    3.5 #6 in: TriGem 4.3GB ATA-33 5400RPM Hard Drive
    VIA IDE1b
    Cooling :
    CPU: Heatsink : CoolerMaster DP5-6H51 (Recommended by AMD)
    P/S Cooling Fan : Antec DF1208SL - 0.20 amp - 12 volt
    Rear Cooling Fan 1 : Antec DF1208SL - 0.20 amp - 12 volt
    Rear Cooling Fan 2 : Manhattan 700894 Ball Bearing
    Front :
    Front Cooling Fan 1 : Silencer Mod. 802812 - 0.075 amp
    Front Cooling Fan 2 : Generic Fan
    Damaeus, Nov 17, 2003
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  2. Damaeus

    jpsga Guest

    1. If you are uneasy about the mis-match then run a drive speed test.This
    would indicate any driver problems.

    2. Of the 4 HPT controllers used here, none ever experienced a data loss
    because of a mis-match.

    3. It is easy enough to match the them up. In the case of the AT7, you are
    obliged to match driver from HPT to the BIOS that is in your system BIOS.

    jpsga, Nov 17, 2003
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  3. Damaeus

    Damaeus Guest

    Not because of the mismatch itself, but what about matching the drivers and
    BIOS after data has already been written with mismatched BIOS/Drivers?
    Damaeus, Nov 18, 2003
  4. Damaeus

    Skid Guest

    If you're asking if you can still update the drivers or flash the bios to
    match without risking data, the answer is a qualified yes. I have done both
    with the 2.34 set without problems.

    Some older HP bios versions were infamous for breaking RAID stripes, but the
    later ones seem to be OK in that regard. The drivers are pretty much
    backward compatible, but a matched set will give you better drive
    Skid, Nov 18, 2003
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