KT880 Reboots with a click of the mouse

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Michael, May 5, 2005.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Please help me. I originally purchased a KT600 Ultra Platinum only to
    find that there was an incompatability with my ATI All In Wonder 9600
    XT card. I replaced the motherboard with a Soyo Dragon 2 KT880 ver 2
    and upgraded the memory. Now when I am in Explorer surfing or in
    Outlook scrolling through my messages the video goes black. It appears
    that the machine is still on but I can not get the screen to come back
    on without rebooting the computer. It also happens when I am in Forte
    Agent newsreader scrolling through the message lists. Here are the
    specs on the system:

    Dragon 2 KT880 Ver. 2
    Athlon 3200 XP Processor with Cooling Fan (Turbo Cool)
    (2) 512 DDR Value Ram 3200 (400MHz) by Kingston in slots 1 and 3
    ATI All-In-Wonder Pro 9600 XT
    80GB Western Digital IDE
    80 GB Maxtor IDE
    200 GB Hitachi SATA on SATA1
    TDK CDRW 32
    IOMagic 12x DVDRW
    USRobotics winmodem
    400 Watt Power Supply (Enermax)
    D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router
    Soyo Bayone Extreme breakout box.

    Running Windows XP with Service Pack 2

    These are the primary componants. The system boots and there are 3 long
    beeps then 1 short beep followed by 1 long beep on the post. It boots
    up fine into XP. Everything looks and runs well .

    Now after the system runs for a while the minute I make a selection
    with the mouse or scroll through the mail in Outlook or do a scan in
    Adaware SE the computer just shuts down and reboots. The reboots are
    very random but almost always while I am clicking or scrolling on the
    internet, through my messages in outlook, or scrolling through the
    messages in Forte Agent ver 1.91.

    On occasion I get an error message that the occasional BSOD is caused
    by a Device Driver. The second Message states that it was caused by a
    graphics device driver and the third message states that it was caused
    by an unknown device. I never have a productive session on this machine
    and all indications are that it is either a motherboard, memory or
    graphics card issue.

    Memory is 2 Kingston Value ram 512 located in 1 and 3 to get the DDR2
    functionality (Can I put them in slots 1 and 2 and what is the effect
    of this?)

    If I do a scan from Lavaware Adaware SE it comes up clean when I do a
    scan by Spybot Search and Destroy it crashes before it completes.

    Is it the mouse? Motherboard? Videocard? Memory? USB2.0 ports? Please
    Michael, May 5, 2005
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