Kudos to Epox - and a Problem

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Arthur Shapiro, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. My 8RDA+ failed with what presumably was the bulging capacitors issue. After
    a bit of a runaround with Epox, suggesting I try things that I'd clearly
    delineated in the initial contact, they agreed to take it back even though it
    was presumably out of warranty.

    Back came a "new" (refurbed?) unit in a couple weeks - that's certainly fine
    customer support in my book. I would have been pleased to pay for the
    service, or for new capacitors to install myself.

    But I can't get the behavior I've grown used to over the years with respect to
    powering the machine up and down. Perhaps the fact that I purchased a new
    case and power supply (Thermalrock Eclipse and Seasonic, respectively) while
    waiting for the repair could be relevant, but I doubt it.

    The computer is plugged into a good UPS, and I start the machine by actuating
    the UPS. The computer immediately powers up. When I've terminated the
    computer, and it shuts down, I turn off the UPS. Sounds pretty routine.

    Well, I can't get this behavior after some reasonable amount of diddling of
    the BIOS settings. If I change settings to allow the machine to start when
    the UPS is actuated, then I have a problem shutting down: after the machine
    shuts off, it immediately springs back to life and restarts. If I change the
    BIOS to prevent that, then it won't automatically start when the UPS is turned
    on - I have to push the powerup button on the computer.

    Am I overlooking something obvious?

    Arthur Shapiro, Oct 6, 2005
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