KV8 MAX3 Sil Raid-0

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Drew Boillot, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Drew Boillot

    Drew Boillot Guest

    I have a KV8-MAX3 w/ the the latest A-Bit bios.
    System Config
    2x36.6 WD Rapter on VIA RAID-0
    2x120 WD on sil ports 1+2, RAID-0
    2x200 WD on sil ports 3+4, RAID-0
    AMD 64 3200+
    512x1 OCZ pc2700
    WinXP Sp1

    When i have the Sil raid tool open i get some "port error" or the
    alike (will get the exact error when i get back home). when i look in
    the Event viewer, it has a bunch of "error 54 on deviceX\hddX\..."
    like 50-100 of these errors. I am worried that i am going to lose my
    data.. again.. I lost about 6 years of data when my backup failed
    doing the murge to this new system, (corrupt norton ghost image) and i
    do not want to risk losing any more data. can anyone tell me if this
    is normal? It only seems to do it when i copy large amounts of data to
    the RAID-0 arrays on the SIL controller. I have the latest drivers for
    the controller as well.
    Drew Boillot, Jul 7, 2004
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  2. Drew Boillot

    Marcus Guest

    Just a query on this issue as had similar problem when installing the SATA
    drives on my KV7, the BIOS and the Drivers for the SIL controller are at the
    same level? My point was that the BIOS I had contained V1.2 for SATA and
    I'd downloaded the V2.2 drivers which is what caused my issues.



    Motherboard Abit KV7 Bios 1.3, XP2600 2.1Ghz, 1,024MB DDR400 @ 400Mhz
    128mb Geforce4 Ti4800, Std Floppy 1.44mb,Sony 16xDVD, STT8000A Tape Drive,
    HP9300i CDRW, LS120 120mb Floppy, 2 x 160Gb Maxtor SATA150 Raid 0,
    Labtec Surround Sound Amp & Speaker set, 19" Hansol Monitor,
    USB MS Sidewinder Precision 2.
    Microsoft Windows XP Pro, SP1a Installed, LBA 48bit Patch Installed
    Marcus, Jul 13, 2004
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