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KVM - 4port and up - cabling styles

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by reader, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. reader

    reader Guest

    I've been using an 8 port Iogear `Miniview Ultra' PS/2 KVM switch for
    about 2 yrs. It has now developed a problem recognizing the
    controlling keyboard (Yes I tried a new keyboard).

    My question is really about the various kinds of KVM cabling but
    before getting to that, anyone have some tips about diagnosing the

    (Iogear is prepared to see if its fixable or replace it but that will
    take a while)

    Meantime I bought a 2 port Trendnet KVM to hobble along with for $31
    including tax at radioshack.

    Curiously I noticed the included cabling is quite different than that
    on the Iogear. It has the expected VGA, mouse, keyboard plugs on one
    end but only vga on the other so it has a total of 4 plugs on each
    cable set. My old ones have a total of 6 plugs per set. Anyway, it
    works just as expected and seems like a solid unit.

    I thought maybe I'd just buy a new 4 port KVM with that style of
    cabling ... its quite a lot tidier and less plugs to have trouble

    However as I began googling around ... I noticed that anything above 2
    ports appears not to have that nifty cabling... instead having the
    normal 3 plugs on both ends.

    So cutting to the chase... I wondered, first, how that style of cable
    works (the simplified mechanics)? Then if anyone knows of a 4 port or
    more KVM with that neater kind of cabling?
    reader, Jun 8, 2008
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  2. reader

    reader Guest

    I'm probably just too dense to see it but not sure if you are saying
    you've seen 4 port or higher units with kb, mouse,VGA on one end
    and only vga on the other. If so what models?
    reader, Jun 9, 2008
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