!KVM switch with ABIT NF7-S

Discussion in 'Abit' started by [email protected], Jun 6, 2005.

  1. I have a LinXcel USB 4-port KVM, for switching USB mouse and keyboard
    and video. The NF7 hangs at the beginning of Windows XP if I am
    routed through the KVM. After I boot, I can switch the cabling over
    to the KVM and then add a second machine. It seems to be the video
    detect that kills the Windows boot.

    Any thoughts? Any switches in BIOS that might help?
    [email protected], Jun 6, 2005
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  2. Interesting. I have a Belkin 4-port KVM with audio/microphone, and my
    NF7-S2 boots just fine when connected to it. My problem is that the mouse
    is not recognized through the KVM. I've tested the mouse, all cables and
    all ports on the KVM, and everything works fine. I have to plug a second
    mouse directly into the machine (PS/2 or USB) to get a working mouse with
    this board. I've never run into this before and have built and run *lots*
    of machines through KVMs. Never had a problem till now.

    Good luck,

    Margaret Wilson, Jun 6, 2005
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  3. Innov@tion

    ?uzzled Guest

    Funny you said that about the mouse. I have a 4 port KVM box as well. My
    PS/2 mouse does work but usually only after a second boot. The first time I
    boot my NF7-S v2, the mouse is all erratic and impossible to control. I have
    to use the keyboard to turn off the machine, power it off at the mains and
    then reboot and the mouse works just fine again.

    Thought I was unique but maybe there's a problem with Abit NF7 based boards
    and KVM boxes. Anybody else with any experience / solutions ?
    ?uzzled, Jun 6, 2005
  4. Innov@tion

    borolad Guest

    No solutions, but a question and two comments :

    the question - Is this predominantly USB mice?
    the [ 2 ] comment -

    I used this ( UK02PE ) ' cheap as chips Hong Kong shipped KVM and
    have connected many hundreds of different old /new / puters with never
    a single problem, this to include video dongle-to-KVM for some [DELL]
    built machines.

    On a Abit NF7-S v2.0 MOBO

    URL :

    I now use the 4 port version of the same thing - bought from the same
    person, equally with no probs

    URL :

    BTW, I'm on an EquitO BIOS - not that it should make any difference !

    borolad, Jun 6, 2005
  5. No, I'm using a PS/2 mouse. My KVM does have the ability to use USB (not
    for the console), but for the client machines. It's got one USB cable
    that's supposed to handle both mouse and keyboard. I have one set of these
    cables, and so far it's only worked on one machine. All others give me
    either keyboard or mouse but not both. So I stick with PS/2 and all has
    worked fine, except for this one machine (NF7-S2).


    Margaret Wilson, Jun 7, 2005
  6. May not be pertinent, but on my NF7-S I found that my logitech ps2 mouse
    only worked on second boot of my pc until i installed logitech drivers.
    Lester Piglet, Jun 7, 2005
  7. Thus spake ?uzzled:
    When I had KVM/mouse problems the culprit turned out to be the
    +5V-standby line from the power supply.

    Apparently on a lot of these boards, the mouse/keyboard controller is
    powered from +5VSB (to allow for the possibility of wake-on-keypress).
    My KVM was trying to pull more power from the PS/2 ports than the
    PSU's +5VSB could provide.
    Satan's Little Sister, Jun 7, 2005
  8. Thanks for the info. But I've got a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical, and
    drivers are loaded. Rebooting makes no difference. :-( I see the mouse
    pointer, but it's stuck in the middle of the screen.


    Margaret Wilson, Jun 7, 2005
  9. Innov@tion

    xmradio Guest

    A mouse can certainly be a problem. I would suggest "Mouse Hunt" a good dvd
    to start with.

    from page 9 of the dvd, I mean my cybex switchview manual...


    Mouse jumps or "hugs" screen

    If the mouse has been hot-plugged while running in windows, you may
    need to close and restart windows.

    If the mouse still does not function, try the mouse resynchronization
    command <ctrl><ctrl>ZM<enter>

    Mouse is inoperable on one or more channels

    Try the mouse reset comand: <ctrl><ctrl>MR<enter> for ps/2 mice,
    <ctrl><ctrl>MW<enter> for intellimouse.

    Mine is a 4 cpu cybex switchview, ps/2. The ps/2 port for the mouse emulates
    a logitech mouse, like if you don't have a mouse, win xp still thinks you
    got one, when its all plugged into the switch view.

    I haven't had mouse problems for awhile, switching from computer to

    I have 3, nf7-2 and an intel cpu connected, recently replaced the nf7s with
    dfi landparty socket 754.

    Used the same memory on the 754...and the hard drives.

    No mouse problems...I use a logitech mouse, has a pretty roller on top, that
    my thumb moves, and that scroller wheel thingy my index finger uses.

    my 2 cents

    xmradio, Jun 8, 2005
  10. Innov@tion

    ?uzzled Guest

    Wow, you have the same switch box as me.
    This is my problem.

    It does it when I first boot the machine. All the cables are already plugged
    in and hasn't been hot plugged.

    I don't understand this. Do you hold down both CTRL keys and press Z then M
    and then enter ?

    What does MR and MW mean ?

    I use a PS/2 mouse too. It's a Logitech optical one.

    ?uzzled, Jun 9, 2005
  11. Innov@tion

    xmradio Guest

    Hold them all down!!!!

    Mouse reset, mouse work, sort of something Disney would think of?
    xmradio, Jun 11, 2005
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