kx7-333/xp2600+ bios setting suggestions needed

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Kevin Grant, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Kevin Grant

    Kevin Grant Guest

    I'm trying to stabilize a kx7-333/xp2600+(333fsb) combination
    and things aren't going well (posting problems. if it starts,
    the system is stable thereafter). Some of the stuff I read
    suggests that the problem may be with the bios settings
    related to cpu speed, bus speed etc. Since I tend to underclock
    a bit I've just been picking the pre-supplied settings for
    processors like the xp2000+ and trying those, and it hasn't
    been working (there are no pre-supplied settings for the faster
    chips). Now I read things about multipliers under a certain
    amount being locked out for some of the higher end cpus
    and wonder if I need to set the cpu and bus settings manually
    instead. But if so to what?

    Can those of you running a stable kx7-333, with an xp2400+
    or xp2600+ cpu, post your cpu and bus bios settings? I'm
    particularly interested in the settings for the CPU Setup
    screen and the DRAM Clock/Drive Control screen. And you
    might mention if the settings you list involve "overclocking".
    Not being an overclocker I doubt I'd recognize that just
    by reading the settings and I'd hate to get a nasty

    My memory is 512M of Mushkin Blue 3200 DDR (they had a sale).

    Kevin Grant, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. Running a 2600+ here.

    Set multiplier to 12.5x

    Set FSB to 166 MHz

    Set ratio to 5:2:1

    Set CPU fast command decode to normal or fast NOT ultra

    As for RAM;

    Set DRAM clock to 166 MHz (or you might try By SPD)

    These settings should show your CPU to be operating @ 2079 MHz from cold
    boot- Windows will show correct speed ie 2600+

    No overclocking here :)

    Hope this helps

    Also make sure the
    David Leadley, Sep 5, 2003
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