kx7+Thorton bottleneck?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by jean cool, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. jean cool

    jean cool Guest


    I have just bought an execellent AMD XP2000+ Thorton core.
    It is running on a KX7-333 with PC2700 DDR

    I have managed to get it to clock at 2.3GHz which I find amazing.
    Looks like I got a good mobo and hit lucky with an top CPU.

    The best bit is it runs at 42 C !

    May be I'm being greedy but I wondered if I could go higher.

    The system seems stable at fsb clk of 186 with 5:2:1 but 190 does not
    do anything.

    I have not started playing with voltages yet but would like some
    advice on what component is likely the weak point : CPU fsb, chip set,
    memory bars.

    Also anything command decodeing other than normal is completely
    unstable even if I back off a bit on the multiplier.

    Any advice?

    Thanks to all.
    jean cool, Jan 26, 2004
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  2. The problem is probably, that the PCI clk is 1/5 of FSB clk.
    190/5 = 38 MHz, which might be too high for some PCI-cards.

    The KT333 chipset doesn't have a 1/6-divider for PCI.
    For that, you need a board with either KT600 or nForce2 or SiS748
    Jens C. Hansen [Odense], Jan 26, 2004
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