Lacie drive haggling on London's Tottenham Court Road

Discussion in 'Apple' started by chris.holland07, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. So I was in Landun-mate the other day to get some new HDDs.

    Microanvika was shut so I popped into Ask Electronics. It's a big
    motherfucking store almost opp Sainsbury's on Tottenham Court Road.

    Their drives were like £20 higher. I showed them a print out of
    Microanvika's price to the pakistani/indian gentleman. He refused to
    pricematch! the cheek.

    Anyway, here's a tip. If it's late night just go to Selfrdiges on
    Oxford Street. in the basement there is a microanvika. and despite
    selfridges being really expensive, microanvika is very competitive and
    their customer service is pretty decent.

    So it looks like margins are being squeezed on hard drives. Stock,
    pricing and availability differ throughout London. I would definitely
    recommend Microanvika

    Another comment about HDDs

    I think in this day and age it is reasonable not to have to use YET
    ANOTHER power adaptor with an external HDD. I've had enough of all the
    mains plugs (so much clutter - steve jobs would not be happy) Go for
    the lacie MOBILE drives- they're small, they don't suck. (sure theyre
    a bit pricier that PC World's gay bargain basement hard disk drives..
    but they're large, have loud fans and the totally suck).
    chris.holland07, Dec 11, 2007
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