Lags with radeon x1650pro

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by MortaL, May 1, 2007.

  1. MortaL


    May 1, 2007
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    This is the situation: for like a week ago i had a radeon 9800pro card. It worked great enough but i wanted something better, so i purchased a radeon x1650pro. I installed the card and all the drivers to, i logged into world of warcraft, and realized that my fps were lying around 20.. What the hell can be the problem? Ive tried all different things and im desperate for help, i cant deal with the lag.

    My hardware:
    400w power
    Radeon x1650pro
    Nvidia Nforce2 motherboard
    AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    OS: Windows XP
    1024mb ram.
    X-fi something soundcard.

    If someone got a soulution for this problem. I would be very pleased if someone could help me :'( the card was meant to be a good birthday present but went up beeing just a problem. thx
    MortaL, May 1, 2007
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