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Discussion in 'Compaq' started by gulliver, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. gulliver

    gulliver Guest

    I've been looking at CPU upgrade recently.
    I'm expecting some warm-hearts here will help me or
    some peoples who want to do similiar thing will
    exchange ideas and info with me.

    My old laptop is 12xl300 with a celeron 600 cpu,and I plan to
    upgrade it to a P3 CPU.
    I found some useful information on this newsgroup:$

    It sais"Surprised me to see a laptop with the
    same Socket 370 CPU ZIF socket as desktops use! This is a "flip chip"
    Celeron in it now."

    Also "I have a 12XL3 that I successfully changed to a P3 1.1 Ghz, the
    will recognize the processor and change the FSB. Obtain a processor
    that is
    in a FC-PPGA package NOT the FC-PPGA2 (there is a clearance problem
    with the heat spreader. Be sure to clean all of the thermal tape from
    heat spreader with a solvent that leaves no residue (acetone is good),
    use a good thermal compound and follow the directions."

    So does this mean a normal desktop CPU will work in this laptop?

    And here:
    "You couldn't install a 1.2 GHz anyway. Those are Tualatin processors.
    is tops. The Board will autoselect the correct bus speed.
    No, the Compaq BIOS must be used. FYI, I have that laptop, too."
    So which kinds of CPU qualifies?Except none Tualatin and < 1.1GHz?

    One last question,I search price on net and found the 100MHz P3 CPUs
    are much
    more expensive than 133MHz P3 CPUs.Look weird to me.Why is that and
    which one should I go for?


    gulliver, Jul 14, 2004
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  2. gulliver

    bskala888 Guest

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    bskala888, Sep 4, 2012
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