Latitude D520

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Greenwood, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Greenwood

    Greenwood Guest

    I had been looking to replace my 4+ year old Inspiron 1100 with Celeron and
    20 GB HD, mostly Dells and HP. I saw Journey's post about helping someone
    buy a Latitude D520 and looked at it. Subsequently got an email from Dell
    advertising it at $640. There were slight differences in listing on web

    I ordered it on 7/16 with est shipping date of 8/17. I received it on 7/25.

    Configuration selected was all of the "included in price" items + free
    resource disk and drivers and 1 yr on site..
    Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 GHz
    15" XGA LCD
    1GB ram, 2 dims
    80 GB HD
    Windows XP Home
    65 W AC Adapter
    8x DVD+/RW
    Wireless 1390
    6 cell battery
    1 yr on site @+$30 (not wise)

    Total cost was $713 with tax. Prices vary week to week.

    So far everything is working very good. It's not what you would call real
    fast, but its a big step up from the i1100.

    Its quiet running. The HD makes a small noise that is not bothersome and the
    fan is relatively quiet and doesn't run much except when doing intensive
    activity, like install MS Office or defragging.

    I doubt I'll later install Vista, but I could run Basic if I wanted to
    downgrade (run slower). Anyone wanting to run Vista Home Premium should look
    at other models.

    The most impressive thing to me is the 15" XGA monitor. Being a senior I
    like the larger fonts and the more vertical space. People who like small
    fonts and watching movies can find better models.

    The overall size does not seem to be increased by the 15" monitor. It makes
    full use of the lid. The laptop is probably the same size as the 14". Weight
    and size make it relatively east to carry.

    The plastic housing seems a little delicate, but with reasonable care it
    should be no problem. For rough handling though I would look at other
    Greenwood, Jul 28, 2007
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  2. Greenwood

    Journey Guest

    Good review -- you have a great laptop that will last you a long time.
    You can run Vista later too, but if so I'd recommend upgrading RAM to
    2G. XP Home is just fine though.

    As far as the case, it's magnesium-reinforced and it has steel hinges.
    It has very little flex even if picking it up by a corner.
    Journey, Jul 28, 2007
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