Latitude D810 floppy

Discussion in 'Dell' started by jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Anyone knows the part number for a D810 floppy?
    Ebay seems full of them but I'm not sure for what I should look.

    I originally was looking for something like a blank to put on place of
    the battery when the later is removed but it seems that a floppy is an
    inexpensive way to accomplish that. If you have suggestions on anything
    else I could use they are most welcome.

    Thanks, Jim
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Mar 9, 2006
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  2. Hey Jay B,

    are you sure you can put a floppy drive in place of the battery?

    I found a couple of them sold on eBay but they look kinda wide to use
    in place of the removed battery:

    Thanks, Jim

    that's a damn good question.
    someone should invent a blank for that.
    mine is exposed too and never gave it any thought.

    i guess because there is so much clutter on my desk in front of it i
    dont really see it.
    i might just start using that space to store some papers... lol

    if it really bothers you,
    you can insert one of the other optional modules, like another cd
    player/burner, or floppy drive.
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Mar 9, 2006
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  3. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    journey Guest

    Hi Jim,

    I have had 4 of the generation of laptop that you have and I have
    never seen a blank for them. The generation prior, 4100's and 4000's
    did have a blank.

    If you can find a floppy that seems like a good solution. Maybe they
    make one with a card reader?

    journey, Mar 9, 2006
  4. I'm a bit confused. Can you put a floppy where the battery is?
    I can see how a floppy can be put where the CD is now, but can it be
    put in the battery compartment?

    Thanks, Jim
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Mar 9, 2006
  5. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    journey Guest

    Hi Jim,

    I don't know if there is a modular bay floppy for your generation of
    laptop. I know ordering a floppy was an option when I bought my
    laptops, but I don't know if it attached externally through USB or
    some other means, or if there was a modular bay floppy. In the older
    4100's there was both a modular blank and a floppy. There was some
    kind of attachment called a D-bay or something -- the floppy might
    have attached that way.

    I recommend searching Ebay and doing some Google searches, or better
    yet tomorrow call Dell and ask them. Hopefully you will get routed to
    the proper area quickly and to someone who can answer your question.

    Sometimes I can tell right off the bat that the person I am talking to
    might not be very helpful or knowledgeable. I just hang up and call
    again until I get someone who sounds experienced, and that has worked
    well for me. I have experienced Dell Hell phone support too many

    When I had my laptops (600m, D505, 8600) I just kept one of the
    modular bay batteries in it. I had no problems doing that, and I
    never ran a battery down even though I used my computers extensively
    on battery power.

    It was always reassuring to me to see my external battery draining
    down before my primary battery even got used. I think I only needed
    my primary battery 5-10 times at most.

    journey, Mar 9, 2006
  6. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    Jay B Guest

    Hi Jim,
    it does take a floppy module, and another hard drive module also, but
    not in place of the battery on that model.
    i thought at first you had the model with the front loading modules.
    the battery is underneath.
    that's even better in my opinion than the front loading batteries
    because they cannot be seen once the laptop is down on a surface.

    i guess you can always use an old dead battery as a filler!
    Jay B, Mar 9, 2006
  7. My D810 came with an excellent floppy drive. It can be put in place of
    the CD/DVD drive and it also has a USB connector to make it an external

    The great thing is that it works with just about any other computer
    with USB ports. I haven't tried to boot out of the floppy as an
    external unit, but my guess is that if the motherboard supports booting
    from USB, this drive will boot as well.

    The drive has two identifying numbers:
    Model no MPF82E
    Dell P/N 6Y185

    I'd look it up on ebay using either of those numbers. But don't be
    surprised to find it under some other name. Dell uses some part numbers
    for original equipment and other part numbers for replacement
    equipment. Go to the Dell website as well.

    Oh, and the D810 battery is under the laptop, so you can't really put a
    floppy or any other thing there. You must be thinking of the C series
    laptops, with two expansion slots on the front, both of which took
    batteries, and one of them would take also a floppy, CD/DVD or hard

    V Zamora
    Vicente Zamora, Mar 9, 2006
  8. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    Rich Guest

    jim, the floppy drive for the D810 swaps out with the CD/DVD drive.
    the part number on my dell floopy drive is: 7T761-A01 (not sure if
    that's A-Zero-1 or A-OH-1).

    there are also the following numbers on the drive label:


    not sure what either of them are but the the 7T761-A01 is shown as the
    Dell LBL P/N.

    rich, n9dko
    Rich, Mar 9, 2006
  9. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    Clint Guest

    I've got, in my sweaty little hand, a Dell floppy drive for a Latitude D810
    laptop. The model number is FDDM-101. Just like the one in this auction:
    (not affiliated with that auction in any way, shape, or form). You can also
    try here:
    I'm not sure where your difficulty in finding one on eBay comes from, as all
    I did was search for "D810 floppy", and it says right in the description
    that it's for a Latitude D810.

    It plugs into the bay that the CD/DVD drive is in. There is also a funky
    USB-like plug on the side of it. I'm presuming, if I had the right cable, I
    could plug that into the USB port and use the DVD and floppy at the same
    time. It does NOT plug in where the standard battery goes, however.

    Clint, Mar 9, 2006
  10. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    journey Guest

    Hi Jim,

    There is a blank (empty) that plugs into the media bay. I saw it
    mentioned while reading a CNET review of the D610.

    journey, Mar 9, 2006
  11. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    Jay B Guest

    he's talking about when he takes the battery out, something to put in
    its place so that there is not a big hole in the bottom of the laptop.

    i say to use an old battery that is already dead. remove the guts and
    you got a nice shell.
    Jay B, Mar 9, 2006
  12. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    journey Guest

    Ah, OK I misunderstood, I thought he was talking about the modular
    battery. What is the reason for taking the primary battery out -- is
    it so that it doesn't get used up if he uses the laptop on AC?

    journey, Mar 9, 2006
  13. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked)

    Jay B Guest

    yes, he plans to use the laptop as a desktop replacement, you shouldnt
    leave it plugged into AC power forever with the battery, you will just
    kill the battery.
    Jay B, Mar 9, 2006
  14. Thanks for all the replies in the thread. Sorry I couldn't reply

    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Mar 12, 2006
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