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Lattice & Mento Seminar

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Antti Lukats, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Antti Lukats

    Antti Lukats Guest


    some info from the Lattice roadshow seminar at Mentor

    1) 0.9 and 0.65 !? products are coming...
    2) new FPGA products to be exptected (when you are back from sommer
    vaccation..) that goes for new FPGA products (not low end), not just some
    new device/derivate of existing things
    3) something new is coming to the PLD offering as well (same timeline as
    4) serdes 2.5G+ will be included in some of the new devices
    5) Lattice has completly solved the NBTI (and other submicron) issues (as
    much as I understood it means all the V4 NBTI like issues, things why xilinx
    is not shipping V4 silicon with working MGTs and why Stratix IIGX is
    delayed) are solved
    6) EC family pricing can meed the S3 pricing in all cases where xilinx is
    not dumping on the high volumes
    7) ECP and XP prices are EC+10%

    please dont take those above as some official announcements, its only the
    answers I got ;) and possible my interpretation what may not be entirely

    PS there was lots of free stuff from Mentor, incl. free lunch and optical
    usb mouse
    Antti Lukats, Jun 7, 2005
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