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Leadtek GeForce FX 5900 XT flashed to 5950 Ultra

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Snake, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Snake

    Snake Guest

    I have flashed my card to 5950, and now i have a problem with TV-out. How
    can i fix that???
    Snake, Jul 15, 2004
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  2. Snake

    deimos Guest

    By re-flashing back to the original! The reference bios doesn't provide
    for any TV-out/VIVO capabilities at all. If you're lucky, the original
    will still work.
    deimos, Jul 15, 2004
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  3. Snake

    Nom Guest

    Nom, Jul 15, 2004
  4. Snake

    Nom Guest

    There's no need. He just needs to find a 5950U BIOS that works with his
    TV-Out. I had to use "BFG 5950U 475MHz/475MHz v4." for my Leadtek

    "BFG 5950U 510MHz/475MHz v4." also works just fine, but even
    though it's a newer version, I didn't like the idea of the core running at
    But there are LOTS of BIOSs from other vendors which do !
    The original will work just fine. Unless he totally disregarded the
    instructions, he ran "WFFLASH.EXE S" beforehand, so he has a backup of his
    original BIOS.

    Nom, Jul 15, 2004
  5. Snake

    Snake Guest

    I flash with BFG Bios and now i have tv-out. Is there any other version of
    A380 Ultra Bios that support TV-out,and because Leadtek got better drivers
    than official nVIDIA drivers that use BFG Bios. Thanks
    Snake, Jul 15, 2004
  6. Snake

    CapFusion Guest

    I am not sure if Leadtek have better driver though. Nvidia provide the
    driver to manufacturer.

    CapFusion, Jul 15, 2004
  7. Snake

    Nom Guest

    Dunno - the two BFG BIOSs are the only two that seem to support TV-Out on my
    Leadtek. Different cards needs different BIOSs for TV-Out though.
    Nah - stick to the standard nVidia drivers.
    Nom, Jul 16, 2004
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