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Leadtek PX6600 GT Extreme over temp with Artifacts when Need For Speed Most Wanted is Played

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by SKYEK, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. SKYEK

    SKYEK Guest

    To Who It May Concerns
    Please be carefully that when u got the Extreme or GT version of this
    card/NV43 chip ( I got it 2 months after product launch).
    As you play normal, old generation games, u are safe. U will not observe any
    artifact. U may get some for the extreme version if u run 3Dmark2005 demo
    for sometimes at Leadtek default clock of 550MHz. Safe to down clock to
    530MHz to let the artifact disappears.

    The world changed when you got a copy of Latest Need for Speed Most Wanted.
    If you turn on all the features to medium or high, even you clock it at
    nVidia default of GT 500Mhz, you still can see the artifact.
    I have to download to 400MHz to have to games played.
    The temperature displayed by nVidia driver utility is over 80°C!!! raised
    from nominal of 60°C.
    I am not sure why nVidia put a setpoint alarm of 145°C there. for
    sterization for medical tools only need 125°C. Bug free?!

    I only can said that the old games may not use all the features set of the
    chip, so peaceful to use.
    But the new game is fully featured, almost all the 100millions transistors
    are switching.
    Depending on how good TSMC 0.11µm process Isat at. It sucks huge amount of
    current when 3D core is turned on. and raised the temperature super high
    toward boiling point!!

    If the games are released a yr after the product launch, our warrantly may
    be over.
    What we can do is to get new one, may be 7800, still TSMC 0.11µm!!!! But
    lower clock!!. Should be safe from artifact.

    I am going to return mind to Leadtek as it cannot perform to it
    specifications that it declared for sales.
    Hopefully there is no clause to say that for current games available only,
    and no warrantly for any future release games!!!

    I believe the chip has to be tested at 125°C and passed both sort and final
    Hopefully not room temperature (22°C) or 75°C!!
    I expect them to qual their product at 125°C and run intensive applications
    for 1000 Hrs continuously without any failure before taking the product to
    sell to us!!!

    All The Best.
    SKYEK, Dec 15, 2005
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