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Leadtek Winfast A350 TDH LX (FX5900) a few questions

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Dan Dan, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan Guest

    I have a Leadtek Winfast A350 TDH LX (FX 5900) card. I installed the
    latest driver from the Leadtek website (they call it a 'Winfast
    driver') and the card gets renamed to 'Winfast A350' on the Win XP
    device manager.

    The driver version is 53.03 which is the same version number as the
    latest 'Forceware' driver on the Nvidia website. Is it the same? Why
    do Leadtek produce their own driver? Is it just a form of cheap
    advertising/vanity that they want you to know that you have a Leadtek
    product? If so, then conversely, it should be possible to install the
    Leadtek driver on any non-Leadtek FX5900? Are all FX5900's not just
    the same thing electronically; just in different physical packaging?

    The bottom line is that I want to know if their is any disadvantage
    uninstalling it and going with the standard Forceware driver from

    Additionally, this card has two fans. Is it possible to control their
    speed through software? (part of the same question I suppose).

    Dan Dan, Jan 7, 2004
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