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Left handed

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by AltoMelto, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. AltoMelto

    AltoMelto Guest

    I just bought a Motion M1300 Tablet while i was staying
    in the US, the product is just perfect and it is what i
    was searching for, every feature is just right and i can
    really do anything i wanted with it, i have just a little
    complain to make, and i hope someone might have an answer
    to this, as i said in the subject i'm left handed, and i
    find that the position of the minimize-maximize-close
    buttons and those of the vertical scroll bar are really
    not fit for a left handed because when using those
    buttons and the scroll bar you hide the whole tablet
    screen behind your hand, this is particularly annoying
    with the scroll bar because you can't scroll and look for
    what you need at the same time, of course on the motion
    there are the four arrows that can be used, but i just
    guess why noone at microsoft thought about this issue,
    and mainly i'm wondering if there is a patch or a Tweak
    chat allows you to put the scroll bars and the buttons
    wherever you want, in my case on the LEFT side of the

    Thank you
    i hope not to have bored the newsgroup with this message
    AltoMelto, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. AltoMelto

    Sinister Guest


    Hi Bill-

    never thought I'd try to write a personal email to you, but this time,
    I think this time I should.

    I am left-handed. My wife is left-handed. You (apparently) are
    left-handed. Left-handers have been under persecution for millennia
    (albeit a hidden, low-key form of persecution). In Roman times, the
    words for left and right were 'sinister' and 'dexter' respectively. To
    see how English society perceives left-handers, compare with
    etymological sources of these words:

    what does sinister mean to the Western world?
    why are dextrous people more physically skilled than normal people?

    Let's turn to French:
    gauche = left - and in English, gauche = 'Lacking social polish;
    droit = right - and in English, adroit = 'Skillful and adept under
    pressing conditions'
    Even in your generation, left-handed children in the UK were taught to
    write with their right hand and forced to hold their left-hand behind
    their back. Fortunately, today, most of society has got beyond this
    prejudice- we even have companies that specialise in left-handed items
    - besides, most of us manage to 'blend' in to society and it's
    right-centric ideology and tools, we adapt to utensils ergonomically
    designed for right-handers. Scissors, can-openers, a writing style
    from left to right - how many of those did you struggle with as a
    child, yet now find simple to use?
    You are unarguably the most powerful voice in the most powerful IT
    company in the world. Your company seems intent on bringing technology
    into every household and into every aspect of our lives. I am fine
    with that. I think I am similar to you in that I am a confirmed
    However, for a company whose mission statement includes the words 'we
    create software that helps people and businesses reach their
    potential. It's not just our purpose. It's our passion', Microsoft
    must have precious little passion for left-handers.
    And that's where I find it so curious - you're left-handed yourself.
    I had a Compaq Pocket PC - I loved it, but my main irk - Right-handed
    scroll-bars. I'd try to scroll through a document and not be able to
    see where I'd got to. That one point irked me to the point where I do
    not use my pocket pc anymore.
    I'm now sorely considering buying a Tablet PC. I'd heard that the
    Tablet PC OS had built in 'handedness' support. However, it appears
    *still* not to be able to handle scroll-bars on the left-hand side.
    This must be the *Number* *One* *Complaint* from left-handers. Check
    google for yourself. And yet all anyone can say is 'well it's to do
    with the underlying windows APIs and it's never been an issue before'.
    Well. the crux of the matter is that in a touch sensitive system,
    whether it's PDA form, tablet form, or some yet uninvented future
    form, the one underlying constant is that left-handers *are* going to
    have problems with right-handed scrollbars.
    This should fundamentally be a job for the OS. An OS for tablet pcs
    *SHOULD* have this feature. I do not consider the tablet OS truly
    'neutral-handed' due to this glaring omission. You've already invented
    sticky keys and now voice recognition for the physically impaired.
    You've added large text support and text-to-voice for the visually
    impaired. You've got different keyboard templates to cater for those
    who have been brought up on other keyboard systems. You have local
    language editions for most of the world, so as not to impose our
    English language on them, and yet, apparently, there is still no
    fundamental full support for left-handers even in your newest
    As a fellow left-hander, can you please explain your company's

    Best wishes from a frustrated and disillusioned left-hander.
    Sinister, Jul 9, 2003
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  3. AltoMelto

    Chris H. Guest

    At this time, there is no way to move the items around. I believe we'll see
    this (which is controlled by the operating system) in the next two years or
    so. The problem has always been that moving such items as scroll bars in
    user-choice was fairly "easy" to do, but to have all the Microsoft and
    third-party programs adhere to those new display requirements was way over
    the top in expense, requiring all companies to make software changes on
    their products to comply. BTW, Bill Gates is left-handed.
    Chris H.
    Microsoft Windows MVP/Tablet PC
    Tablet PC Universe - www.tabletpcuniverse.net
    Tablet PC Chat - http://thetabletpc.net/support.htm
    Associate Expert
    Expert Zone - www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/expertzone
    Chris H., Jul 9, 2003
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