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Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by diane aka whatever, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Being left handed I run into all sorts of difficulties. The first problem I
    had was the scrollbar. I must use Firefox because the add-on Gecko Tip will
    move the scrollbar to the left side of the screen. Problem was, there have
    been no updates so you can't install Gecko on new versions of Firefox. I
    fixed that problem by installing Firefox 2 ... then installed Gecko .. once
    I got it working correctly I installed the Firefox updates. So far .... so
    good ..

    On my desktop I set my mouse to "left handed" mouse and all is well .. but
    on my laptops [tablets] I keep everything lefty except the buttons .. I have
    gotten too used to "left clicking" with my left thumb .. My problem is when
    I attach an external mouse, I have to either use it in my right hand or be
    constantly clicking the wrong button. Too bad you can't have separate
    settings for the laptop mouse and external mouse. Maybe you can, but I
    can't figure it out.

    BTW .. I purchased the MoGo X54 Mouse on eBay for $35 ... I think that was a
    great price. Mine charges in the express slot of my laptop, but you can
    also get the one that uses the PCMCIA slot.

    One last thing not mouse related. I noticed I can put a Sim card in my
    Lenovo and connect to the internet. Very handy I think ... I was going to
    sell my Lenovo -- even put it up on eBay -- but decided I would rather not
    have an internal camera than put up with the glossy screen of my HP Pavilion
    TX2000 ..

    Just going on and on to post pone going to work .. but I guess I better get

    diane aka whatever, Jan 20, 2010
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