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Discussion in 'Dell' started by Nota Clu, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Nota Clu

    Nota Clu Guest

    I have 2 decomissioned Dell XP boxes and the XP CD's. Since they are no
    longer used, can I downgrade my new Dell Vista box to XP using one of the XP
    Nota Clu, Jul 10, 2008
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  2. Nota Clu

    Bob Levine Guest

    Techically, maybe....legally, no. Those licenses are tied to the
    original boxes.

    Bob Levine, Jul 10, 2008
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  3. If it's Vista Business you can legally use XP Pro.
    DaveJohnson12, Jul 11, 2008
  4. Nota Clu

    BillW50 Guest

    In [email protected] typed on Thu, 10 Jul 2008 23:15:49 GMT:
    If they are retail versions of Windows XP, they are legal to transfer to
    any machine you would like. I have two of them like that. Neither one
    are used anymore either. One was never used. LOL
    BillW50, Jul 11, 2008
  5. Nota Clu

    BushTurkey Guest

    Vista business and ultimate have downgrade rights.
    BushTurkey, Jul 12, 2008
  6. Nota Clu

    BushTurkey Guest

    No Microsoft don't supply new XP media.
    You would need your own copy of XP Professional media.
    You use the Vista license key to instal XP.
    Yes, the downgrade rights are really intended for businesses so that they
    can keep all of their computers at the same OS level.
    A business in that situation would have XP Professional media.
    Plenty of home users would have a copy too.
    That is something that the reseller can do for new items.
    Dell offers a preinstalled XP downgrade service on some computers.
    "If you are not ready to install Windows Vista, you may also choose the
    Windows Vista Downgrade Rights Service (Windows Vista Bonus options), which
    provides a simple way to migrate to Windows Vista on your schedule. Dell
    will preinstall Windows XP Professional and give you the DVD to install
    Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate when you're ready (you will
    also receive the CD for Windows XP Professional). Dell will also support
    both operating systems on your PC throughout the limited warranty period.

    If you exercise the downgrade right on your own, which you can do, Dell
    won't provide technical support for the XP operating system in this case.

    "To downgrade on your own you will need Windows XP Professional media (i.e.
    from a prior purchase). However, Dell's standard policy is to provide
    technical support on the operating system that comes pre-installed on your
    PC. Dell does not encourage you to change your operating system on your own
    as this can be a complicated process."
    BushTurkey, Jul 13, 2008
  7. Nota Clu

    Bob Levine Guest

    I've always felt that the spirit of the EULA is the important thing.

    Note: I'm not a lawyer, never played one on TV, and didn't stay at a
    Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Bob Levine, Jul 13, 2008
  8. Nota Clu

    BillW50 Guest

    In journey typed on Sat, 12 Jul 2008 16:55:39 -0500:
    Actually many of us view Vista to Windows XP as an upgrade. ;)

    Is it just me, or does Vista remind you of MS Bob v2? We remember how MS Bob
    v1 did. LOL
    BillW50, Jul 14, 2008
  9. Nota Clu

    Bob Levine Guest

    Many perhaps, but certainly not all.

    Bob Levine, Jul 15, 2008
  10. Nota Clu

    Bob Levine Guest

    But we're not talking about an XP license now...we're talking about a
    Vista license. IF AND ONLY IF it actually does allow you to downgrade to
    XP it shouldn't matter where the actual media comes from.

    I don't even know how it work technically as far as serial numbers,
    activation, etc.

    Bob Levine, Jul 15, 2008
  11. Nota Clu

    S.Lewis Guest's safe to assume that the Vista COA (Business and Ultimate)
    "downgrade license" is merely a legal policy with no changes to the COA
    label/physical license from any other Business/Ultimate license.


    I don't know, I'm speculating and asking. Anyone know for sure?
    S.Lewis, Jul 15, 2008
  12. Nota Clu

    Dean-MN Guest

    An excerpt from

    Can I downgrade my OEM version of Windows Vista Business to Windows XP
    Yes. OEM downgrade rights for desktop PC operating systems apply to Windows
    Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate as stated in the License Terms.
    Please note, OEM downgrade versions of Windows Vista Business and Windows
    Vista Ultimate are limited to Windows XP Professional (including Windows XP
    Tablet PC Edition and Windows XP x64 Edition). End users can use the
    following media for their downgrade: Volume Licensing media (provided the
    end user has a Volume Licensing agreement), retail (FPP), or system builder
    hologram CD (provided the software is acquired in accordance with the
    Microsoft OEM System Builder License). Use of the downgraded operating
    system is governed by the Windows Vista Business License Terms, and the end
    user cannot use both the downgrade operating system and Windows Vista
    Business. There are no downgrade rights granted for Windows Vista Home Basic
    or Windows Vista Home Premium.
    .... Dean
    Dean-MN, Jul 15, 2008
  13. Nota Clu

    WSZsr Guest

    I'm with you Bob!

    WSZsr, Jul 16, 2008
  14. Nota Clu

    Ben Myers Guest

    And, as a practical matter, whether legal or not, you can take a Dell-branded
    Windows XP (Home or Pro) CD and install it on most any computer with a
    motherboard that has a Dell BIOS. The net result is a fully functional Windows
    that does not require activation.

    Now would I do that? No. I install Dell's Windows XP on computers with a
    Dell-branded Windows XP sticker on the side... Ben Myers

    Ben Myers, Jul 16, 2008
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