Legend 836CDT Memory Upgrade Problem

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by iCnothing841, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. iCnothing841

    iCnothing841 Guest

    Hi there everyone.

    I have taken up the project of upgrading the memory in this old Packard
    Bell computer (thank you eBay) however, I seemed to run into a problem
    and was wondering what could be the possible solution.

    First, alittle back info. on the computer. Its a Packard Bell Legend
    836CDT with a 166MHz processor, 72MB memory, ~4.3GB Hard drive. BIOS
    upgraded to Agoura 1.20.

    The machine orginally had 72MB (8MB onboard plus 2x32MB 72-pin 70NS
    SIMMS EDO). I purchased two more similar chips, same specs different
    manufacture, to bring the system to it's full capacity, 136MB.
    However, after installing the chips and turning it on, nothing happens.
    The hard drive and processor fan power up, however, nothing comes up
    on the monitor. There are no beeps...nothing.

    After searching Google for awhile, I found Ray's Packard Bell website.
    On the page about my motherboard (PB600) it mentions the following: ".
    .. .I have read that one of the Banks Has a Problem with EDO RAM in some
    PB 600 motherbords." Thinking that this was the problem, I headed over
    to eBay and purchased two 32MB SIMMS that were FPM however, when I put
    them in, the same problem still occured.

    So, I began to test different combinations, including:

    Bank 2: Two 32MB EDO Chips
    Bank 3: Two 32MB EDO Chips

    Bank 2: Two 32MB EDO Chips
    Bank 3: Two 32MB FPM Chips

    Bank 2: Two 32MB FPM Chips
    Bank 3: Two 32MB EDO Chips

    but the same occured. When I put in three chips, in any configuration
    listed above, the system boots and recognizes 104MB.

    All the above chips are 70ns and I am thinking that maybe this is the
    problem however, the manual says that the memory must be 70ns or

    Another thing I was thinking was maybe the system will only work with
    FPM. I was thinking about purchasing four 32MB SIMMs FPM 60NS but
    wanted to get some opinions/feedback from other users.

    A third thing I was thinking was that perhaps the problem lies with the
    BIOS version. I did find an upgrade for the BIOS and upgraded it
    several years ago, however, I did not save the orginal. I have tried
    re-flashing the BIOS but no go. Does anyone have the orginal BIOS
    version they could send me so I could revert it to its orginal version?

    Sorry for writing a book; just wanted to get down all the facts.
    Thanks in advance.
    iCnothing841, Jan 9, 2006
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