Leopard issue with PCI card - USB card recognized but slots are dead

Discussion in 'Apple' started by KeRu60, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. KeRu60

    KeRu60 Guest

    The upgrade went fairly well on my G4 Dual 1.25ghz (MDD). One little
    problem though.

    I have 3 PCI cards on my computer. Ethernet, Firewire & USB.The
    Ethernet & Firewire cards work fine. The USB card I use for my
    printer and scanner are not working. When I connect the USB cable to
    the built in USB ports, they work but I need those for my mouse and

    What's strange is that the 3 PCI cards show up on the System Profiler.
    I even moved the USB card from slot 5 to slot 2 and it recognizes the
    change, but the ports are dead.

    I suppose I need to get a new PCI card or hub. Can anyone recommend a
    brand that is Leopard compatible? I don't know the brand name of my
    current USB card and when I took it out still couldn't find it. The
    System Profiler only gives a Vendor ID of 0x1045.

    Any advice to get these working, or a compatible brand that works with
    Leopard will be appreciated.
    KeRu60, Oct 27, 2007
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