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List Dream Comp here!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SamZee, May 14, 2004.

  1. SamZee

    SamZee Guest

    Heheh, I love doin this but yeah, heres my dream compage.

    ATI MOBO.....[Cant think of the name now]
    Dual 3.4 Xeon Processors
    2 Gigs of Corsair XMS DDR RAM
    ATI Radeon X800
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2, Platinum Pro ZS [7.1]
    Sound Blaster Giga-Works 7.1 SpeakerZ
    24 Inch Plasma Monitor
    Liquid Nitrogen Cooling
    SamZee, May 14, 2004
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  2. SamZee

    willah Guest

    you said it was a dream, and so it shall remain.....I made a buncha
    stuff up ;)

    eight Athlon 64s
    BigassĀ® nForce 4 mobo
    80 gig Rocketdrive pci memory board (does exist!!)
    9 gigs PC-6600
    dual 10k raptor 500 gig HDDS
    dual 20k raptor 250 gig HDDS
    ATI Bitchin' fast BEAST3000 512mb with dual dvi/vga
    HDTV ATI TV-wonder with version II remote
    Soundblaster audigy 4 with 27.1 48bit surround capability
    Kilpsch 27.1 10000w surround sound (think sphere of speakers, you sit
    terabyte Wi-Fi with 1000km range
    no screen, but a projector :D
    800w PS (Lotsa juice)
    104x64x104 CD-RW
    40x32x52 DVD +/- R/W
    2 gig USB key
    wireless Kneeboard keyboard so you can type on your knees :D:D:D
    wireless Ringmouse, an optical mouse thats a styling ring :D:D:D
    A printer that beams images onto paper, NEVER needs refilling, and
    And last but not least, A version of windows that doesnt crash every 2
    seconds, or Linux

    All this hardware fits in no case known to man, nor can even liquid
    nitrogen tame this beast, so it sits submersed in my bathtub in 100%
    pure mineral oil (no electrical conductivity) cooled by the biggest
    refrigeration unit known to man
    willah, May 15, 2004
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  3. SamZee

    SamZee Guest

    Heheh, well... I did say Dream comp didnt I? O well, I meant stuff
    that actually exists.. But YEAH, yours sounds amazing. hehehh 9 GIGS
    SamZee, May 15, 2004
  4. SamZee

    Aaron Guest

    But I'm sure 9GB of RAM will be nothing in 10 years. How much RAM was
    standard 10 years ago, 64KB? Just imagine the next 100 years, which
    is twice the time it took to develop computers to what they are now
    (amazing machines). It's unfathomable, and I just hope I live
    decently long, so I can experience it. Think teleporters, unlimited
    power, instant trips to other stars, etc. It's all unthinkable, just
    as any human traveling faster than the speed of sound was 100 years
    ago. They didn't even have airplanes!!

    Now if that didn't get you thinking, I don't know what will,

    Aaron, May 16, 2004
  5. SamZee

    willah Guest

    Four things I really hope for in the future of computing are:
    1. Not to have to think about how much battery life is left in your
    cell phone or laptop, its full.
    2. Not to have to worry about heat issues, the processor is fast and
    3. No system requirements, I like new stuff, I just don't want to have
    to buy it every 1-2 years... Things should be scalable to the
    performance level of your rig.
    4. Infinite portability, think about it, no power/network/sound/video
    wires, no docking station... I guess I want a dinky, powerful, and
    wireless PDA so I can do everything on the fly.
    willah, May 16, 2004
  6. SamZee

    Zebedee Guest

    10 years ago I know my ex-gf had a computer with a pentium 75 and 32
    megabytes of ram. 15 years ago, a standard 286 machine had 640kb.
    Teleportation is beginning to be a reality. Not so long ago, they teleported
    a laser beam - all of 2 meters but it's a start.
    What can be done could be fantastic but... will we have sufficient energy
    and resources to do it and will we destroy the world in the process. I'm
    more in favour of simplicity rather than science.



    (Claiming asylum in an attempt
    to escape paying his debts to
    Dougal and Florence)
    Zebedee, May 16, 2004
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