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Live Platinum (not 5.1) XP and Cubasis

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Eddie Bromhead, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. I'm in the throes of trying to install Cubasis from the disks which came
    with the SB Live Platinum (not 5.1) under XP. The installer is having none
    of it, although the Recycle and WaveTable Lite apps install. I've used the
    XP drivers from the Creative website.

    This is part of a bigger cycle of gloom and despondency. The SB Live worked
    fine on a socket-7 platform, but when I upgraded to Athlons, I chose a
    Jetway KT133A motherboard ... after much pain and angst, discovered that
    mine was a motherboard incompatible with the Live, and never fixed by Via or
    Jetway. Most of the problems with locking up were solved by replacing the
    Live with a much cheaper Hercules sound card, although that stopped Cubasis
    from working, even after buying the full version (no ASIO). Cubasis is an
    awful bit of software - it only works with sound cards you never heard of,
    or that cost as much as a new computer. Not only didn't the Jetway board
    like the Live, it also doesn't think much of Windows XP, and started being
    prima donna-ish about whether or not it wants to run at all. So I binned it
    today, and installed a new Mobo (Gigabyte nForce 2). Well, the SB Live
    installed fine, and works ... up to the point of installing Cubasis.

    I would welcome hearing from anyone with specific help or advice.

    I've established that the Live Drive II will most probably work with an
    Audigy 2, and that's my last resort ... although I'm willing to bet that
    retail Cubasis doesn't like the non-Platinum Audigy 2, and only a new
    Platinum will have the necessary CD.

    It's only money after all.

    Eddie B.
    Eddie Bromhead, Jul 3, 2003
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  2. Eddie Bromhead

    Careco Guest

    I have the same card as you (pre audigy and 5.1) I have installed both
    Cubasis and cubasesx and they both work ok although the latency is awful (no
    ASIO drivers) In hindsight I would have gone for a Terratec card which also
    supports wavetable daughter card, audigy2 has ASIO drivers but like you I
    don't want to bin an otherwise good card.

    The newest drivers give better audio recording quality, XP drivers were very
    choppy, I'm using an Abit KG7 m/b and AthlonXP 1700+ with 512MB Pc2100 ram
    and GXP180 HDD drives.

    Can't blame you for binning the Jetway, the G/b board is good and the Nvidia
    chipset is good, can't see why your system is giving problems installing
    cubasis as supplied with the orginal SB. If it's feasible do a clean install
    of XP and start again. Try installing a demo version of Cubase SX, see if
    that works.
    Careco, Jul 5, 2003
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