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logical volume failure

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jeetu, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. jeetu

    jeetu Guest

    On my PC running Win 2000, I have a hard drive partitioned into c: and
    e: drives. The e: drive suddenly can not be recognised.

    I had originally partitioned the harddrive in c: (4G) and e: (6G). I
    am running win 2K. d: is CD-Rom. those are the only drives, besides
    the floppy.

    The disk management shows two volumes:
    1. unnamed spanned volume with Failed status (x on the HD icon). File
    system as blank.
    2. c: volume with simple layout, NTFS.

    On the lower frame, it shows three rows:
    disk0 c:
    disk1 unallocated 6G. online.
    Missing 6G, offline, failed.

    safe mode boot does not see e: volume either.

    Can I still recover the data off the failed e: volume?
    If I install another bootable HD, would that help it recognise the
    whole of the current drive?
    Would there be a mimatch problem if I still install another harddrive
    along with the current one?
    jeetu, Jan 15, 2004
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  2. jeetu

    Waseem Javid Guest

    hi there,
    try to use chkdsk /f in windows 2000 and then reboot system and when
    it reboot its automatically check every thing but there is some other
    options if you can write wot you did with your 6 gb partions that is
    with faild status,
    like if you make it offline then r-click on it and then chose option
    online it will works in some situations, but any way if you can write
    all in detail wot you did last time when your 6 gb in fail status.
    syntex erro
    Waseem Javid, Jan 17, 2004
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  3. jeetu

    jeetu Guest

    Hi Wassim,
    well, to give you a little more info. The system was running fine and
    last week i observed that the e: volume disappeared. The c: partition
    is running fine.
    On the disk management, when I r-click on the failed volume (it does
    not show even the label e:), the only option available is "delete",
    other options are gray'ed out (can't be selected).

    Wouldn't chkdsk /f reformat the drive? I had already done the chkdsk
    without the /f and it checked only the c: partition.

    jeetu, Jan 18, 2004
  4. jeetu

    webmom6 Guest

    I would use chkdsk /r (it assumes f and tries to recover data).
    webmom6, Jan 19, 2004
  5. jeetu

    jamotto Guest

    You might try this freeware program

    It sounds like you may a corrupt boot sector for the E: partition.
    May be due to a virus infection or the harddrive is failing?

    This might be more trouble than it is worth but you could run win2k
    repair option using it's startup disks (set of 4 disks) If you don't
    have them you might download them from here http://www.bootdisk.com/.
    The repair more less returns your computer to it's original state.
    Programs you use that use the registry might not work anymore after
    the repair and will need to be reinstalled.
    jamotto, Jan 19, 2004
  6. jeetu

    Waseem Javid Guest

    hi there,
    its not problem of any windows, its MBR (Master boot record problem),
    so repair disk or bood disk is not for this purpose, and more over as
    he told that partion is FAT 32 so that he can access that portion of
    hard drive from windwos 98, or from DOS and if you ask about chkdsk /f
    when after enter this command when you restart ur pc it will check all
    at statup and if it found some problme in mbr or in some other portion
    then it will let you know. its only toold ms have may be there is some
    others, but try it and let me know. but you didn't tell wot you did
    last time when your disk goes fail?
    Syntex Erro
    Waseem Javid, Jan 20, 2004
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