Logitech MouseMan not honoring preferences

Discussion in 'Apple' started by John Heaney, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. John Heaney

    John Heaney Guest

    I have a Logitech MouseMan cordless optical mouse. I got it back in my
    OS 9 days. I downloaded and installed the MacOSX Logitech Control Center
    preference pane, so I could start using it on my G4 Powerbook running
    10.3.7. Everything seems to work fine.

    I just have one problem. It seems to honor the mouse preferences when I
    set them. However, after a restart or after unplugging and replugging it
    into the usb port, the tracking speed preference is not honored. The
    pointer zooms all over. I have to go visit the Keyboard & Mouse
    preference pane, click on the Mouse tab, click on the Tracking Speed
    slider (don't have to actually move it) and then all is well again.
    Anyone familiar with this problem and know if there's a solution?
    John Heaney, Jan 16, 2005
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  2. John Heaney

    Don Bruder Guest

    Welcome to the wonderful world of "Logitech's beyond-hopelessly-buggy
    driver software".

    Logitech will either try to tell you the misbehavior you're seeing is a
    "feature" - I prefer the term "bug" - or they'll resort to the old "If
    you've got any other USB drivers on the machine, they must be removed so
    they don't interfere with ours - it's your fault for not using *ONLY*
    our drivers" ploy. Either way, they're talking pure bullshit. Ditch the
    Logitech software (which has always been bug-laden garbage) and grab a
    copy of USB Overdrive. That'll cure your problems.

    Logitech makes wonderful *HARDWARE*, in many flavors, but the software
    they write to go with their various "toys" is so bad that saying "It
    could suck-start a Harley with a busted crankshaft" doesn't even BEGIN
    to describe how pathetic it is - If it sucked any worse, the universe
    would likely implode.
    Don Bruder, Jan 16, 2005
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  3. Well, I haven't seen your particular, but I've heard a lot of problems
    with Logitech software. My bigged gripe was when I upgraded to OSX, I
    can no longer have different mouse clicks for each application. ugh.
    I hear Kensington has it thought - that will most likely be my next
    wireless mouse purchase.

    - J
    John McLachlan, Jan 16, 2005
  4. Don't buy a new mouse! Sheesh. Just install USB Overdrive...
    Jerry Kindall, Jan 17, 2005
  5. John Heaney

    John Heaney Guest

    I did this and it works well. Thanks. I did need to run the Logitech
    uninstaller for it to work properly, in case anyone else is following
    John Heaney, Jan 18, 2005
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