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Long lost Intel fan is returnig to Intel :)

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Bloodstar, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Guest


    First let me tell you that I had 4 Intel based computer before (486dx33,
    P100, P200 MMX, and PIII 450Mhz) and there was not ONE problem at all on all
    four configurations except minor issues with CDROM drives etc... and after
    that after some advices I've got Athlon XP 1800+ and that was horror story
    that I would't wished to my worse enemies :)
    Now, I don't want that this become another thread of Intel vs. Pentium so I
    will cut the crap :) and not tell you whole story about my Athlon damned
    journey (just to tell you that I replaced 3 motherboards to not mention
    other things !!! damn it :)

    Well, I am tired of listening how Intel is bad company and how Intel makes
    bad processors, that kind of bullshit I don't want to listen, for me AMD is
    dead company.

    First, yes I play games but not so much FPS games so argument of getting 10
    FPS more are not good for me to get Athlon - in fact I think that I will
    never get another Athlon forever. Yes, maybe I just had a very BAD LUCK with
    this Athlon configuration and just jope that curse will not follow to my
    next Intel purchase :)
    I don't do any overclocking, I just buy PC and after a two years buy a new
    one. I need good PC to work as intended without problems.

    I need some advices - what do you recommend that I buy, if I decide to buy
    whole new PC next week, I plan to buy new 3,2 Ghz Presscot I think - I also
    think that it is not so bad like some AMD fanboys ;) are trying to tell us
    hehe. I am getting lot's of restarting of my PC, ussualy in the morning and
    then 3 days nothing and than again, I have dual boot (maybe that is reason?)
    but it's slowly getting on my nerves so I plan to make a backup and try to
    sell this PC to some soul but I will try to make a fresh instalation before
    and see if it will restart then. I also have problem with my system clock on
    my ABIT NF7 motherboard and fan on chipset is making a noise like WW1 tank
    before and later it make not so much noice but it is annoying! :(

    OK, is it worth to wait for new Intel 64 line to launch, drop price etc...
    or do you recommend that I just buy new Prescott based PC and forget about
    AMD forever? Please also tell me what configuration you recommend, what
    memory, CPU, graphic card, motherboard etc???

    And I will be grateful that I hear some nice words about Intel, damn it at
    least on this group :)))
    AMD lovers just skip this post and go boast on amd.crap newsgroup, ok?

    Bloodstar, Feb 18, 2005
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  2. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Guest


    Ups, sorry, I was tried to say Intel vs. AMD... Or King vs. Peasant ;)

    Bloodstar, Feb 18, 2005
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