Looking for a new Asus motherboard, need advice please

Discussion in 'Asus' started by vassili, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. vassili

    vassili Guest

    Hello NG !

    I want to upgrade my computer and I'm looking for a new motherboard. Asus of
    course ... (I've had a TX97, a P2B and now I have a CUBX, without any major
    But I'm lost with all the new Asus MB models.
    I need a motherboard
    - supporting at least a 2 GHz (Intel, but why not an AMD if there is no
    compatibility problem with hard or software)
    - supporting at least 1 GB RAM (but I don't know wich type of RAM)
    - integrated sound, 2 x firewire, 4 x USB, LAN, 2 serial, parallel,
    - integrad video if the new one (not like the i810) are OK for photo and
    video editing (I'm not a player)
    - with at least 3 PCI and an AGP port
    - with 4 IDE controllers for up to 8 IDE devices (like my CUBX)
    Which MB model will match my needs ?

    Thanks for your time and help
    vassili, Jul 26, 2003
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  2. vassili

    PHil Guest

    I recommend the P4PE (intel i845PE chipset - I always go Intel chipset)
    which supports up to 3.0GB, 533MHz FSB. Been using it for a while now and
    it's a great board. If you want the 800MHz FSB P4 chips, the P4P800 (intel
    chipset) is another great board.

    PHil, Jul 27, 2003
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  3. vassili

    Paul Guest

    Unfortunately, there is no summary page anymore, so you'll have to
    visit the spec page for each board. I haven't read the specs for all
    the boards, so the following are only general rules. You can start


    We live in the SATA/PATA transition era. This means it will be hard to
    find a board with lots of PATA on it. The P4P800 Deluxe has more IDE
    connectors, but the VT6410 is a RAID controller and I don't know if
    there is an option to just do plain IDE or not. That is the first
    board that comes to mind.

    For integrated video, look at the boards with -V, -VM, -MX in the name.
    Usually, these are smaller boards, with three PCI slots. Most have an
    AGP slot as well.

    The boards that end in -X are usually severely "cost reduced" boards,
    that sometimes are missing critical adjustments. If you like the
    prices on the -X board, download the manual for the -X board and for
    the board without the -X in the name and compare the details page by
    page. That is the only way to tell what shortcuts are inside the -X
    board, as Asus isn't forthcoming with the info.

    You could open up a lot more possibilities for yourself by buying
    a two port Promise IDE card, like a TX2 on this page:


    Since cards like this are sometimes bundled with IDE drives at retail,
    you should be able to get a used card dirt cheap.

    Also, since integrated video solutions are all low performance, you
    could buy a low end AGP video card instead and get the same level of
    performance. If you go to http://www.pricewatch.com and click the
    "Video Cards" link, you'll find various low end Nvidia MX cards for
    as low as $25 to $35.

    By using an IDE card and a cheap video card, this would allow you to
    select from a few more motherboard choices. Otherwise, I don't know
    whether a microATX board would have the IDE interfaces you need
    as well as the rest of the I/O.

    Paul, Jul 27, 2003
  4. vassili

    Eddie Guest

    I have the ASUS P4P800 Delux.

    It has, like virtually all boards, integrated sound, 4 USB but like most,
    only ONE LAN and ONE Serial port. You can easily add more of these ports via
    on board connectors or failing that, PCI cards.

    The board has 5 PCI slots. Forget Integrated video. You're far better off
    getting a modest AGP card (why did you want an AGP slot if you want on-board
    video?) All modern boards have agp. The ASUS P4P800 Delux supports AGP x 8.
    You have 2 IDE ports, 2 Raid ports and 2 SATA ports. if you want more...PCI
    controller cards.

    Hope this helps

    Eddie, Jul 27, 2003
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